From The Littlest Crusade To Beyond – A Title Change

Hello People, Because a recent change in publisher allowed me to take a fresh look at the cover design of “The Littlest Crusade”, I’ve decided to change its title to the more contemporary “Beyond“, reflecting the positive message of the book. Beyond - Buy the book

Are We Almost Dead On This Earthly Plane?

BLAIR: You paint a picture of the after-death state in which everyone is happy and loves one another. How and Why? You say we create ourself in the physical world “second by second, and thought by thought, and emotion by emotion”. You also state we take EVERYTHING with us except our physical body. Therefore we must take emotions such as jealousy and hatred and rage and prejudice and greed. You seem to call all that “love”. God by whatever name surely plays His cards close to His chest.

DES: (1) The “Group” we merge with after death is an emotional organism, comprising a large number of people with shared experiences from one past lifetime or another. They belong together because of positive emotions, love in other words, imported from the past. One Group shades into another, and there are Groups within Groups within Groups; intimate family Groups, huge extended family-friend Groups, others with an ethnic identity, a national identity, and special-interest identities. We all gravitate naturally to where we belong, without the hint of resentment or competition. We are all immersed in love because that is the natural order in the absence of negative energy. Almost invariably we are in close proximity to grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren. That is where the emotions are strongest. The far reaches of the Group are made up of links that are remote or indirect, and owe more to other Groups. Beyond that nothing can be discerned at the personal level. It follows that every individual in spirit carries a UNIQUE emotional identity, formed by relationships and Groups and Sub-Groups; all flowing with a harmony and emotional intensity unrecognizable on the physical plane.

(2) What happens to the negative energy Blair talks about? Various types and degrees of negativity are inescapably encountered and incorporated and then expressed in physical, simply because that is what physicality offers, it is what physicality IS. In order to survive, we are driven to navigate a torturous route between two emotional poles, in a world which is polarised at every level: sub-atomic, molecular, physical, philosophical, religious…


(3) It should be remembered that when we die we disengage from negative energy only slowly, as we “move away”. During this process we are neither on one plane nor the other, and can temporarily be dragged back by intense negative preoccupations. This phenomenon is referred to as “being earthbound”.

Blair suggests that “God… plays His cards close to His chest” (He is largely unknowable). Perhaps there are as many Gods as there are human beings, because we all have our own exclusive interpretation or perspective or model – shaped by our emotional need to understand ourself and the universe.


A Scientist’s Comments On Beyond – The Book

“JASON WILLS”: I noticed a book review of yours on the New York Times bestseller by Anita Moorjani, DYING TO BE ME. [In a coma suffering from the final stages of terminal cancer, she had a near-death experience after which she was free of cancer – as verified by her oncologists and independent researchers. During the years since, no cancer has returned.] Your own book, BEYOND, was mentioned. Its basic message, to be believed or otherwise, supports what Moorjani discovered. However her account leaves a great number of questions completely unanswered that would interest most readers. I feel her book is substantially incomplete. As an international author examining more or less the same subjects, you may be placed to evaluate her claims in detail or help others do so.

Is the phenomenon to be taken seriously? Moorjani is not a healthcare professional able to evaluate alternative explanations. Patients who report a near-death experience relate quite different events. Why? Facts are facts, and must be supported by replicated scientific evidence.

DES: Her book is a personal account of her life before, during and after her near-death experience (NDE). It does not pretend to discuss other issues. Rather, Anita explores the mindset, attitudes and emotions which encourage the growth of cancer, and those which destroy cancer. In other words she looks back and identifies what caused her own cancer and what removed it – inspired insights given to her as she lay in a coma with hours apparently to live. So far as probing, analytical questions go, which were given to me and included in BEYOND, they are not part of Anita Moorjani’s experience.

What questions am I talking about? If you have looked through my website, or read TLC, there is little I can add. It is all quite simple. However I have just finished reading another book on near-death experiences (this one also a New York Times bestseller), written by the eminent neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, MD. Dr Alexander explored the world of the NDE after his own experience – both appalling and inspiring – changed him from a sceptic to a crusader whose story has transformed lives.

His account is described in PROOF OF HEAVEN: A NEUROSURGEON’S JOURNEY INTO THE AFTERLIFE (Simon and Schuster Paperbacks; New York; 2012). Both, however, are eclipsed by the first books on NDEs to gain international scientific attention, those written by Raymond A. Moody, MD, Ph.D. Dr Moody interviewed and researched 1,000 patients who reported near-death experiences. Moody himself may be uniquely qualified to pass judgment on the efficacy of these claims. He obtained a Ph.D. in psychology from the Univ. of West Georgia and later became a professor in the faculty. After obtaining his MD he worked as a forensic psychiatrist. Later he was appointed Professor of Consciousness Studies at the Univ. of Nevada. In 1992 he won a prize at the New York Film Festival in the Human Relations category, for a TV documentary on his books on NDEs.

It can therefore be concluded that Moorjani can rely on specialist academic support. As for my latest book BEYOND and its associated website which is now part of the website, I was able to draw on a lifetime as a psychic and many decades as a neurotherapist in the mental healthcare system, to channel information that answers almost any question relating to near-death experiences.

All this notwithstanding, is the threshold of “scientific evidence” reached to justify the claims of Anita Moorjani and others?

To start with, what are we to make of the Holy Grail referred to as “scientific evidence”?

Consider: Turning back time, the most respected scientists in the world are instructing the population – uneducated, intelligentsia and specialists alike – who listen in awe. “It has been scientifically proven that blowflies are produced from rotten meat. As it breaks down, eggs and then maggots form within the decaying matter, and give rise to adult flies. This is where blowflies come from. A natural cycle of life can therefore be seen creating itself.

Another claim that was paraded before the world as absolute, undeniable, and scientifically proven, was that no human being, throughout the history of the species, would ever travel at a speed exceeding 25 miles per hour (I have seen various figures, all below 100 miles per hour), because to do so would crush the cardiovascular system and cause death.

Of course these assertions are rubbish. As time passes and science evolves, other “facts” come and go, trumpeted as true and proven, only to be discarded as more modern principles take their place. And so on. Common sense tells us this will continue. There is no such thing as unchangeable scientific proof. What is revered as proven, absolute, replicated, generally accepted reality today, will be derided as a pitiful joke by the next generation or the one after.

Perhaps Anita Moorjani is justified in shrugging off her many “scientific” detractors.

What Is The Proof Of Afterlife In Beyond?

AN ENQUIRER:  As a young man I was a theology student, and have no trouble accepting that the vast majority of the world’s population – across scores of religions, denominations and sects – believe in the existence of life after physical death.

Admittedly with a focus on Christianity, why do you think there has been scant scientific research on the type of mediumship you have been involved in, and which could go some distance to prove the claims you write about?  In recent years, that is.

DES:  Some years ago a number of our most eminent scientific minds were carrying out research on the reality or otherwise of the psychic faculties.  Latterly interest seems to have drifted in the direction of New Age Preoccupations, so-called New Age Ism;  pretty much the same creature in different clothes.  On the other hand, the scientific avant-garde  leans toward sub-atomic physics and terms such as quark-gluon plasma, tetraquarks, proton decay, Yang Mills and lattice QCD.  Much of this goes over my head, but has been referred to in explanations that shine light on communication between one mind and another.

During the decades before, researchers from Duke University in the US carried out hundreds of thousands of tests to establish that telepathic subjects with cards could project details over a large distance from one mind to another.  Dr Rhine’s team reportedly satisfied sceptical observers that the odds against random chance were more than a million to one.

Not to be outdone sceptics from Cambridge University suggested that the results were caused not by telepathy but by an unrecognised factor influencing randomness itself.  Nobody had heard of such a thing before!

In response a research project in London extending over a number of years, provided proof that could not be refuted, that communication between distant subjects had taken place where the results against mere chance were in the order of many hundreds of billions to one.  Indeed, such a result could not be arrived at by chance if the entire population of the world had tried the experiment every day since the beginning of the Tertiary Period, 60 million years before!   In all the decades since, nobody has seriously challenged the findings.

Of course the results in question relate directly to the psychic faculties, which involve contact between two “distantly separated” minds;  that of the medium and that of the deceased personality.  To further remove any chance of error or misunderstanding or fraud, it is common practice for an experienced medium to pass on information that he or she could not possibly know about:  evidential details.

It has been suggested that there are as many shades of mediumship as there are mediums, but such a broad claim obviously cannot be proved.

Admittedly, some individuals have particular gifts which others lack.  Uri Geller, the spoon bender, comes to mind.

Another is the Latvian psychologist living in Germany, Konstantin Raudive.  He discovered that cassette tapes he used for recordings – either from a microphone or from the radio – contained a strange interference in the form of soft voices.  When amplified they were found to speak in one of seven languages;  significantly the seven languages the psychologist knew.

What intrigued Raudive and the researches most was the fact the voices could be recorded only when he was present, and that they answered questions put to them.  Over six years, under international scrutiny, the psychologist recorded many thousands of conversations.  Well-known scientists were present when the recordings were made, and they examined the equipment.  The tapes were analysed.  During the 1970s, testing programs were carried out at studios in England by engineers who used their own equipment.  Instruments were installed to exclude freak interference.  A separate synchronised recording was made of every sound in the studio.  Both tapes were monitored constantly.  However on playback there were more than 200 voices on the experimental tape.  The phenomenon persisted even inside a Faraday Cage.

What did Raudive make of it?  He had no doubt he was in contact with those who had passed beyond physical life.  As explained in his book, Breakthrough; Taplinger, NY, he confidently identified some of the voices, including that of his own mother.

The marriage of psychism and electronics which Raudive pioneered is referred to as electronic voice phenomena (EVP).  Research has been on-going, much of it co-ordinated by American millionaire George Meek – an engineer with scores of industrial patents to his credit.  Assistance with the funding came from Jim McDonnell, chairman of the board of McDonnell-Douglas.  Making up the organisation are nearly 40 professionals, comprising physicists, nuclear chemists, biochemists, psychiatrists and others.

Irrefutable proof was provided by the sometimes well-known deceased personalities who made themselves known via the EVP channel. For anyone interested in delving deeper into the scientific findings of medium-ship I recommend you check out my latest book THE IMMORTALISTS.

The Unanswerable Question Of Beyond

My pen-name is ISOBEL:   Both my brother and I have encountered Mother (incredibly happy) several times after she died, and I find it difficult to doubt that life continues in the after-death state.  However questions remain.  Scientists more often than not ridicule the suggestion that such a thing is even possible.  Most of my family and friends are embarrassed to even discuss the matter.

But a personal question:  You have said that everyone in that “place” is happy, because the absence of negative energy  (vibrations) in the emotional environment does not enable its expression or even its existence at the individual level.  That is, negativity does not exist, any more than a colour we have never seen could exist in the physical world.  We could not process it and make sense of it.   It would be alien.  However, Des, you are claiming that in the after-death state every human being cozies up and agrees with every other.  Surely historical and cultural and political differences over many generations make that unlikely.

In my life no medium has ever been able to answer that question to my satisfaction.  [Isobel does not come from a principally English-speaking country, so with permission I have partly rephrased her questions.]

DES:    Then you have come to the right door, Isobel.  In that place (which more correctly is a different frequency of vibration occupying the same space) people congregate in large emotional groups.  A natural affinity makes this inevitable.  In other words, love in all its various guises, transforms every human being who dies.  Only in the physical world do we encounter the savagery, self-indulgence, elitism and indifference to suffering that the presence of negative energy likewise makes inevitable.  Only those we have “loved” (family, friends, children, people who have helped or supported or guided us, even our pets) will register on our senses.  Nobody else can even be discerned.

Boring?   On the contrary.  It is fiercely creative.  We re-examine our entire physical life (or at least its most significant currents) together with others in our emotional group.  As we do so we explore ourself;   the various dimensions that make up each individual human being.

In this way every emotionally intimate coming together of people around the world is again experienced by them.  Exclusive relationships are deepened and further lessons taken from them.  Groups within groups within groups therefore exist, ceasing to register with one another as emotional distance increases.

Every individual becomes accountable, responsible to himself or herself.  Every personality is a self-creative organism.

What about the loner, or the unfeeling killer, or the person who has been taught self-hatred?   These people have no option but to love and respect themself.  No other emotion exists.  (If you love yourself, you express that emotion into your surroundings and love others;   a tendency that can be discerned even on the physical plane.)

But a final word.  Immediately after shedding your physical envelope (a bit like removing your shoes at the door), you gravitate away from negativity only slowly, and so merge with Spirit in stages that are uniquely appropriate to you.  A personality in this phase of transition is considered to be neither in physical nor Spirit.

How do I know all this?  I have only to ask, and an answer is provided in whatever detail I require.  That’s what my particular type of mediumship or psychism is of course.  Occasionally I disagree with the response, or even fail to understand – but that is accepted as inevitable.

Questions From A Critic Of Beyond

QUESTION:  Apparently you “channel” information from the “spirit realms” for the benefit of people in physical.  You also believe we are here on the physical plane, in part, to answer the questions of life for ourself as an inescapable learning process.  That’s what the physical is all about.  Yes?  Therefore what possible use can spirit mediums or psychics be, who take it on themselves to allegedly convey messages from deceased individuals for the guidance of people who enquire?  Has God got Himself in a little bit of a muddle?  This is a question I have never had answered to my satisfaction.

DES:  Then read on, but try to have an open mind.  God, or Mother Nature, or the universe, or the human condition… is perfect.  No tree has ever grown upside down, with the roots in the air and the leaves underground.

Consider:  As I have just “discussed” through my channel, all people in the physical world are here to create themselves second by second throughout a lifetime.  That is, individually they are what they create.  Nobody can create me except me – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically… We are all given that mandate.  If you want more detail, please read my book (BEYOND).

So where do mediums and psychics fit in?  As part of this creative infrastructure, we all contribute and we all receive;  we all interact.  There are as many ways of doing so as there are individuals within the population, and in the process we all become unique;  unique in every possible way.

John may obtain a “reading” from Mediumistic Mary who can contact deceased individuals and pass on their advice.  Both are being guided by a principle which is an inherent part of the human condition.  John reaches out to Mary and Mary responds.  In that way both people are contributing to the process in which they are creating themselves.

Because there are as many realities as there are individuals on Mother Earth, both the details contained in Mary’s readings, and the details contained in Des’ channelled information are true – even when they appear to contravene.  Each reality contributes to a cycle which builds uniquely.  This is one process through which every human being creates and hones themselves as a unique organism.

Therefore Mother Nature’s mandate gains expression.

(1)  It makes no sense to say that one religion or belief is right and all others are wrong.  (2)  One belief might make more sense to me, and another more sense to you.  (3)  We all create ourself with what we think and feel and do, whatever it is.  It moulds the real “us” inside.  (4)  We are all supposed to be different from one another.  (5)  Therefore it’s okay to believe in different things.  In fact it’s inevitable.

Am I Unique – Beyond The Book

JON: I read your book and enjoyed it. A question. What information was given to you that has NOT been made available by other writers, in one form or another, time after time over the decades? The same old, tired, recycled concepts appear in book form every year apparently coming from spiritual sources. Same thing, different words, different channel.

DES: I have encountered almost none of the details before. Virtually none that I can think of. Two examples: ONE – At this point in our evolvement or unfoldment, we can relate to only (let us say) one thousand facts out of every million existing on any particular subject. So we put together at the subconscious level only what we can understand; namely a thousand facts out of every million. We all do the same. In this way we individually come as close as possible to comprehending ourself and the human condition and the universe.

But… because we are all unique, with quite different emotional needs, every person in the world embraces a slightly DIFFERENT configuration of facts, and therefore a DIFFERENT belief structure, and a DIFFERENT perspective on himself and his environment. This is so with every single aspect of life. We all occupy a different world.

As a result every person becomes less and less like every other, so that the process of uniqueness gains momentum – with every single second and emotion and thought and activity. Individualisation, in other words.

The natural law of individualisation is an aspect of human evolvement that is equally as important as spiritual evolvement (in which we progressively grow to become a more loving, complete, mature, pure, compassionate unfolded unit of consciousness).

This viewpoint has not been seen before. There is a time for everything. The time is now.

TWO – There is no complete male and no complete female. We are all “positioned” on a continuum. As such we all possess a unique mix of male and female energy. Every human being is a “one-off”. Interestingly, though, the species is exponentially becoming more sensitive, incorporating more nurturing female energy and less of the sometimes brutish “might is right” male energy. We are moving along the continuum. This will continue.

Again, I believe this interpretation has not been offered to us before. There are many, many premises in BEYOND, that can make the same claim. One includes a succinct explanation from Spirit of the end result of these principles: What will become of us! What is our individual and collective destiny!

What Is The Physical World According to The Book Beyond?

Margaret Mills:  A philosophical question I have encountered over the years goes like this.  In a world that is ordered up by the intricate perfection of nature why are we never given unambiguous, absolute and unarguable proof of life after death?  This level of evidence could change the nature of the human condition, make every person free and safe and “immortal”, and even make the fighting cages of religion unnecessary.  Common sense suggests that if some measure of proof is offered by mediums and others, then total proof must be available.  Why is it withheld?  Skeptics come up with their own answer:  Forget the mediums.  It is all just a trick of the mind or wishful thinking.


Des:  I am told that the value of the physical world is that it encapsulates each of us, entraps us in a cell of aloneness in which we are never safe, never comfortable, never in control, never complete, and never in possession of the facts making our circumstances understandable.  In this fraught and toxic place we must struggle to survive.  We must also search ourself in order to find answers to the many dilemmas we face – for in doing so we define and create our own uniqueness (a dimension of growth as important as spiritual evolvement).  We contribute to this process second by second, emotion by emotion, thought by thought, action by action.  We put our own interpretation on every event and every moment.  Unanswered questions are part of this.  Compared with life in spirit, growth is almost instantaneous.  At the end of our physical life we are what we create.  The aloneness ensures every human being is different from every other.


None of this can be done after our death, in the gentle estates of spirit where mind flows into mind and where support and love replace the sometimes brutal conflicts of physical.  These are the two sides to the human coin.  Each is infinitely precious, individually as well as collectively, in the unfoldment of the species.  Very much more detail is to be found in the pages of BEYOND.  (Incidentally, religion is simply another way in which emotional programming, personal interpretation and free will feed individualization.)

Fascinated by The Truth In Beyond – The Book

My name is actually not “John”, but that will do.  A group of us in a writing course discussed the fact your book contains perspectives and carefully delineated details which apparently have never before appeared in the field of esoteric literature.  Many books have been written and many theories discussed, but nothing similar to yours.  Question.  Why should yours be true which makes many other authoritative studies untrue?


Des:  Okay.  My background is like a coin with two sides.  One side comprises an (electronics) engineer, and the other a neurotherapist.  Theology and philosophy are way over my head.  As mentioned in the book, I am the postman delivering mail that has little to do with me personally.  My role involves “channeling” information from people who have died, very much like taking dictation.


Why is “my” information different?  It was obtained in a different way.  Throughout many generations communication between physical and spirit was achieved by psychics or mediums.  I am one of them, and have been since early childhood.  In addition, however, I encountered a neurotherapeutic trance modality, recently developed by research psychologists in the US, as part of my clinical practice.  Alternative to mediumship, trance neurotherapy (IADC) can be used to bridge the gap between physical and spirit.


The two techniques had never been combined until, in consultation with Dr Botkin, the research scientist who produced IADC, I developed protocols and a delivery mechanism enabling IADC to be used by a person on him- or herself.  My lifelong mediumship plus neurotherapy made possible what neither technique alone could achieve.  The Littlest Crusade resulted, published in the US in 2012.


But why was completely different information, a different model or paradigm, abruptly and unexpectedly thrust into consciousness as a result?  Did it not come from the same source, namely spirit personalities who provided answers to questions?  Those people themselves provided the answer:


“Many books containing philosophical information channeled from spirit (eg. Neale Donald Walsch, Jane Roberts, Ruth Montgomery, Dr Ian Gordon) comprise broad and sometimes undeveloped models which rely in varying degree on theories and concepts more or less known to people with an interest in the subject.  A particular explanation is picked up by the mind of the medium, and put into writing.  However – with additional detail received, in this case from the neurotherapeutic modality, not only is the account from spirit fleshed out, but also a quite different and much more comprehensive description is available.  The list of books in question contains accounts that examine a particular reality.  With the availability of more detail, a totally different reality moves into focus and becomes available to explore, because more adequate analogies are present to unfold the descriptions.”


My dialogue with the Communicators had previously discussed the fact that nothing (but nothing) significant can be understood about the human condition unless one resorts to simplistic analogies;  furthermore analogies that invariably are lumped together into models, and models fused into infrastructures.  This process is made inescapable because only a tiny percentage of the total facts, relating to any particular subject, is knowable to human intellect.  That is all we are.  In putting it together into a package we create an understanding of what the world is, our place in it, and ourselves.  We are that package.  We are an analogy.


BEYOND discusses a completely different package than has been encountered in the past, because it draws on a very much larger data base.

The Unanswered Question of Beyond

JOSHUA:  You have apparently claimed you are free to ask any question, and a detailed answer will be forthcoming.  Wow.  This morning (Sunday) I saw a TV evangelist loudly proclaiming that “we are all children of Christ, we can turn our back on our Father, or we can embrace Him.  If we reject Him we automatically embrace Satan.  There is no third road.  One leads to the light of salvation, and all others to the darkness of eternal damnation.”  So much for skeptics, “free thinkers”, humanists, agnostics, atheists, Eastern religions, and all the rest.


Later in the day I read of suicide bombings in the Middle East, as one Muslim sect fought another, while both directed hatred to Israel and the West;  sectarian violence in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants;  and unrest in India between Hindus and Buddhists.  Of course secular or political conflicts have always existed.  How can every one of these conflicting beliefs or causes be true?  Surely only one can be true.  I have never had this question answered.


DES:  Consciousness is a particular type of matrix, a medium which creates, and in which the process of creation also takes place.  It functions independent of time and space.  It creates mind, and mind in turn creates within itself.  A group of people with an emotionally-charged belief structure, a common and compelling need, is therefore able to develop and shape and hone that belief within the matrix of consciousness.  That is what consciousness is.  It creates a need and then responds to that need.  The process is called evolvement.  It is automatic and functions below the level of awareness.  There are no exceptions.