The Unanswered Question of Beyond

JOSHUA:  You have apparently claimed you are free to ask any question, and a detailed answer will be forthcoming.  Wow.  This morning (Sunday) I saw a TV evangelist loudly proclaiming that “we are all children of Christ, we can turn our back on our Father, or we can embrace Him.  If we reject Him we automatically embrace Satan.  There is no third road.  One leads to the light of salvation, and all others to the darkness of eternal damnation.”  So much for skeptics, “free thinkers”, humanists, agnostics, atheists, Eastern religions, and all the rest.


Later in the day I read of suicide bombings in the Middle East, as one Muslim sect fought another, while both directed hatred to Israel and the West;  sectarian violence in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants;  and unrest in India between Hindus and Buddhists.  Of course secular or political conflicts have always existed.  How can every one of these conflicting beliefs or causes be true?  Surely only one can be true.  I have never had this question answered.


DES:  Consciousness is a particular type of matrix, a medium which creates, and in which the process of creation also takes place.  It functions independent of time and space.  It creates mind, and mind in turn creates within itself.  A group of people with an emotionally-charged belief structure, a common and compelling need, is therefore able to develop and shape and hone that belief within the matrix of consciousness.  That is what consciousness is.  It creates a need and then responds to that need.  The process is called evolvement.  It is automatic and functions below the level of awareness.  There are no exceptions.