The Immortalists

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THE IMMORTALISTS – Proof For The Alternative to Death”

Perhaps one of the strangest books of all time!

World acclaimed academics and scientific specialists have been brought together and presented with questions that have intrigued – excited, captured, appalled, frightened – the public for generations.

Nothing is off limits, although religion has been deemed unprovable and therefore disqualified. These participants made the following introductory comments:

Sir James Jeans – “The more we study the universe the less it appears like a great machine and the more like a great thought.”

Albert Einstein – ”An atom comprises nothing more than a concentrated energy field, therefore material form is an illusion or pattern produced by the mind so we can relate to it.”

A scientific consensus suggests that all existence is a single organism (called consciousness) centered on every cell in existence. Typically these individuals include such well-known psychologists, scientists, researchers and historians as Professor William Francis Swan from Yale University, and also Professor Hans Bender, a German academic, and Professor William Tiller from Stanford University.

Many dozens of subjects that are rarely if ever discussed are moved from the darkness and studied. A consensus is demanded. There must be an absolute level of proof.

But the final judgment is yours…

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