Do We Ever Meet God In The Afterlife?

Question:   The after-death state sounds pretty boring to me.  Does a spirit personality ever, eventually, meet God so-called?

DES:    Yes.  After death, when you encounter another spirit personality who is substantially more evolved, the inevitable sensation of completeness and joy and overwhelming love that you feel – is the presence of God.

Whoever or whatever you happen to be, there will always be spirits who are more evolved, more complete and realized (and others less  evolved of course).   But the more spiritually advanced a personality, the more serenity and also intellectual resources s/he will command.   How does this work?    At some point we must fall back on analogies if we are to provide answers you can relate to.

You have been told that negative (bad) emotions cannot be discerned or expressed in the after-death state.   So what happens when a spirit personality becomes aware that family members – even children – on the physical plane where  warfare is being waged, are being burnt to death, for example.  How could one not feel negative emotions?

The answer:   In spirit we possess the truth, the most significant reality.  Although the physical person may or may not appear to be in distress, the real person, the spirit within the physical, has simply separated from the physical envelope.   It is aware of what any other spirit is aware of, namely being absolutely safe and reconciled – certainly without any awareness of pain.

But yes, pain and fear will be experienced afterwards, because physical life is the place where one oscillates or moves between positivity and negativity.  Learning takes place.  Because this is an absolutely unique process, every individual in the world uses it to shape an absolutely unique personality.

This is what the physical realm offers.  This is what it is.  Intense discomfort for a few heartbeats that creates a universe out of every cell within the body of humanity;   that is, every individual human being.

The spirit observing life on the physical plane, is aware of this and celebrates its profound significance.  Don’t forget that there is no awareness of time beyond physicality – although there are trains of  cause and effect.

    Even a mouse or bird caught by a cat encounters the same situation.   It leaves its body before any physical distress is felt.  After death, of course, there is no such thing as negativity.   A final point.  At no time does suffering exceed a critical threshold level before consciousness is snatched away, and the awareness of physicality is lost.  The negative side of learning is as perfectly balanced as everything else in nature.