What Is The Answer to The Ultimate Question About The Meaning Of Life?

DES:    What is the destiny of every individual human being? 

The reply from Spirit was slightly meandering.  They commenced by saying that the average person could relate to perhaps one fact out of every thousand that existed on any subject.  Tom Smith and Mary Jones independently found themselves putting together every fact they possessed on one particular subject.  (Of course they could not incorporate what they did not possess.)  Their individual belief structures happened to be vaguely similar, and therefore enabled them to communicate even though they disagreed on many of the finer points.  Importantly, what Tom and Mary believed also defined them.  Some people are more sophisticated than others, but they all understand themself and their family and their society and their universe by falling back on the tiny, tiny percentage of the total facts they can understand.

Bottom line:  Every person is uniquely different.  Everything contained within his or her belief structure or paradigm is “true” and everything beyond it is “false” or so foreign we are unable to make sense of it.  We all live within, and are defined by, this mental-emotional universe we have constructed around ourself.  It’s what we are.

So… as huge sweeps of time carry us through the millennia towards individual and collective perfection, there are as many types of growth being “engineered” as there are human beings in existence.  We each shape and command our own destiny.  Just what are we shaping?  What we have created up to that point in time.

“Now let’s face the other direction,” I was informed, “and look at the total organism we refer to as humanity.  What do we see?  Where does it come from?  Where is it going?  What happens if we poke it with a finger?”

As mentioned there are as many explanations as there are people doing the poking, because each individual is merely fleshing out and exploring, and fleshing out and exploring, and fleshing out and exploring a creation he or she put together in the first place.

Where does this unfolding creation or organism come from?     The sentient body that created humanity and gave it free will (“God”) in turn was created and given free will by an even more evolved body – and so on up the chain.  Forever.  As the human condition continues to evolve, it feeds the process that produced it.  We are all Gods in embryo.  That is, there will come a time when we will produce within the body of each human being the creative agency we refer to as God.  And so we contribute to the infinite chain. 

QUESTION:    Who said?  Can this be proven?  If we all nurture a different perspective, who is teacher’s pet and who is the disruptive one?  Or is there a consensus?

DES’ RESPONSE:    Personally I have no idea.  As always I put a question to the Spirit personalities I work with, and focus psychically on receiving their reply in writing with all the care and integrity I am capable of mustering.  Furthermore, I have always been encouraged to continue questioning until I understand intimately the explanation being made to me.

There are times however, when I disagree with the incoming information.  It contravenes my own views.  Yet without bidding I have always deferred to the details provided.  As with everyone I create myself with my free-will decisions, whatever they are.