A Poem Offered To Beyond

ANON.    Having read some of your books BEYOND and The Immortalists , I decided to make a tiny contribution – that may or may not interest those who follow your website blogs.

           YOU LEARN

After a while you learn

The subtle difference

Between holding a hand

And chaining a soul.

And you learn

That love doesn’t mean leaning,

And company doesn’t mean security.

And you begin to learn

That kisses aren’t contracts

And presents aren’t promises.

And you begin to accept your defeats

With your head up and your eyes ahead.

With the grace of a woman or man

Not the grief of a child.

And you learn to build all your roads on today

Because tomorrow’s ground is

Too uncertain for plans

And futures have a way of falling down

In mid-flight.

After a while you learn

That even sunshine burns if you ask too much.

So you plant your own garden

And decorate your own soul

Instead of waiting for someone to bring you


And you learn

What you really can endure

That you really are strong

And you really do have worth.

And you learn

And you learn

With every failure

You learn.

Do We Ever Meet God In The Afterlife?

Question:   The after-death state sounds pretty boring to me.  Does a spirit personality ever, eventually, meet God so-called?

DES:    Yes.  After death, when you encounter another spirit personality who is substantially more evolved, the inevitable sensation of completeness and joy and overwhelming love that you feel – is the presence of God.

Whoever or whatever you happen to be, there will always be spirits who are more evolved, more complete and realized (and others less  evolved of course).   But the more spiritually advanced a personality, the more serenity and also intellectual resources s/he will command.   How does this work?    At some point we must fall back on analogies if we are to provide answers you can relate to.

You have been told that negative (bad) emotions cannot be discerned or expressed in the after-death state.   So what happens when a spirit personality becomes aware that family members – even children – on the physical plane where  warfare is being waged, are being burnt to death, for example.  How could one not feel negative emotions?

The answer:   In spirit we possess the truth, the most significant reality.  Although the physical person may or may not appear to be in distress, the real person, the spirit within the physical, has simply separated from the physical envelope.   It is aware of what any other spirit is aware of, namely being absolutely safe and reconciled – certainly without any awareness of pain.

But yes, pain and fear will be experienced afterwards, because physical life is the place where one oscillates or moves between positivity and negativity.  Learning takes place.  Because this is an absolutely unique process, every individual in the world uses it to shape an absolutely unique personality.

This is what the physical realm offers.  This is what it is.  Intense discomfort for a few heartbeats that creates a universe out of every cell within the body of humanity;   that is, every individual human being.

The spirit observing life on the physical plane, is aware of this and celebrates its profound significance.  Don’t forget that there is no awareness of time beyond physicality – although there are trains of  cause and effect.

    Even a mouse or bird caught by a cat encounters the same situation.   It leaves its body before any physical distress is felt.  After death, of course, there is no such thing as negativity.   A final point.  At no time does suffering exceed a critical threshold level before consciousness is snatched away, and the awareness of physicality is lost.  The negative side of learning is as perfectly balanced as everything else in nature.

What Is The Answer to The Ultimate Question About The Meaning Of Life?

DES:    What is the destiny of every individual human being? 

The reply from Spirit was slightly meandering.  They commenced by saying that the average person could relate to perhaps one fact out of every thousand that existed on any subject.  Tom Smith and Mary Jones independently found themselves putting together every fact they possessed on one particular subject.  (Of course they could not incorporate what they did not possess.)  Their individual belief structures happened to be vaguely similar, and therefore enabled them to communicate even though they disagreed on many of the finer points.  Importantly, what Tom and Mary believed also defined them.  Some people are more sophisticated than others, but they all understand themself and their family and their society and their universe by falling back on the tiny, tiny percentage of the total facts they can understand.

Bottom line:  Every person is uniquely different.  Everything contained within his or her belief structure or paradigm is “true” and everything beyond it is “false” or so foreign we are unable to make sense of it.  We all live within, and are defined by, this mental-emotional universe we have constructed around ourself.  It’s what we are.

So… as huge sweeps of time carry us through the millennia towards individual and collective perfection, there are as many types of growth being “engineered” as there are human beings in existence.  We each shape and command our own destiny.  Just what are we shaping?  What we have created up to that point in time.

“Now let’s face the other direction,” I was informed, “and look at the total organism we refer to as humanity.  What do we see?  Where does it come from?  Where is it going?  What happens if we poke it with a finger?”

As mentioned there are as many explanations as there are people doing the poking, because each individual is merely fleshing out and exploring, and fleshing out and exploring, and fleshing out and exploring a creation he or she put together in the first place.

Where does this unfolding creation or organism come from?     The sentient body that created humanity and gave it free will (“God”) in turn was created and given free will by an even more evolved body – and so on up the chain.  Forever.  As the human condition continues to evolve, it feeds the process that produced it.  We are all Gods in embryo.  That is, there will come a time when we will produce within the body of each human being the creative agency we refer to as God.  And so we contribute to the infinite chain. 

QUESTION:    Who said?  Can this be proven?  If we all nurture a different perspective, who is teacher’s pet and who is the disruptive one?  Or is there a consensus?

DES’ RESPONSE:    Personally I have no idea.  As always I put a question to the Spirit personalities I work with, and focus psychically on receiving their reply in writing with all the care and integrity I am capable of mustering.  Furthermore, I have always been encouraged to continue questioning until I understand intimately the explanation being made to me.

There are times however, when I disagree with the incoming information.  It contravenes my own views.  Yet without bidding I have always deferred to the details provided.  As with everyone I create myself with my free-will decisions, whatever they are.

Are We Children Of A Mad God?

QUESTION:    I was taught that without exception the God of the Bible, the Creator, created all life in the Universe, including every human being and their circumstances;   and was the source of perfection, love and all wisdom.  Yet I find myself swinging my face away from the TV News, aghast.  The voice I hear is my own:   “Je…..!  Has God gone nuts?  Do I get my money back?

Exactly what is it that stokes my ire?

Recently it was allegedly the Syrian Government that launched a saran gas attack on its own citizens, many of them civilians including children.  Almost one hundred drowned in their own blood.  A much higher mortality rate flowed from previous gas attacks reportedly delivered by unknown sources.  As a weapon of war the use of gas is widely acknowledged to be a war crime.

Again, tens of millions have died of curable or preventable diseases and malnutrition, in Africa and elsewhere.  Why?  We in the relatively affluent Western countries continue to consume their share of the food and other resources.  As a result we grow unhealthy ourself.

Other examples of God’s silliness (who else are we to blame?) fill the space around us like a plague of confetti.  In a single lifetime multiple examples of genocide have been experienced, again in Africa.  All the while, cocooned in our comfortable Western lifestyle, we indulge ourself on the bounty of the land while our kids are sometimes prone to stoning their brain with a bewildering array of illegal substances, all the while contributing to the suicide statistics.  Sometimes the illicit drugs are funded from the proceeds of crime.

It must be admitted that many of the practices which the Holy One permits are the province of only one religion or culture.  To whit:   A young girl is reportedly dragged from her school bus after a day’s tuition, separated from her girl friends, and gang raped in front of sometimes indifferent witnesses.  On occasion the outcome is fatal.  If not, her family hunts her down and murders her for “bringing shame on the family”.  Apparently attempts to outlaw this behaviour in parts of India and Northern Pakistan are successfully being resisted.

I am in a class of students who obtained one of your books online (The Littlest Crusade renamed Beyond).  You claim that Mother Nature or God is perfect, although not necessarily our interpretation.  What is the truth of this matter?  Please enlighten us.  [An English University is identified, correctly or otherwise, as the source of this email.]

RESPONSE FROM DES:    I have been a medium or psychic since childhood.  Any wisdom I happen to possess was channelled to me from the deceased individuals, the Spirit personalities, I am associated with.  I direct a question to them.  It is answered in writing in intricate detail, as are any follow-up questions, although I occasionally disagree with their assessment.

An example:    Why does so much senseless tragedy, brutality, and pain persist;  so many unanswered or unanswerable questions;  the diseases and ghastly afflictions that tear apart even the most noble and loving family?  Does it all take place behind God’s back, as it were, or is it part of a perfect plan?  The answer I received:   ” Without exception the latter.”

To make sense of this it must be understood why so much knowledge, such a depth of wisdom, apparently reposes in the after-death state, and so little in physical.

Okay, what is the physical world?  It is a profoundly coarse version of the Divine Plan, making available every negative experience the human condition can undergo:    every expression of pain and conflict;   every unanswerable question;   every emotional torment;   every betrayal, disappointment and tear that a human being is capable of experiencing.

Why is all this necessary?  In a “perfect world” what does misery and suffering offer the Holy Flock that joy, love, support, empathy and peace does not?


The physical is a place where the negative side of every reality is examined.  On the other hand, Spirit is a “place” where the balancing influence of positivity is to be found – absolute love and self-love.  After a lifetime in physical, either brief or otherwise, a person re-examines familiar territory (a familiar timeframe, culture, genetic stream, etc) as experienced emotionally from a  Spiritual perspective.  In simple terms it can be said that the human race is an exploration of the creative potential made available by the polarising process.  Two other dimensions are incorporated;   namely,

  1.  The Spiritual evolvement of individuals while living “past lives”.
  2.  The need, especially in physical, to build individualisation.  That is, every free-will decision uniquely shapes that personality.  And so the millennia go by, second by second.  Of course with the introduction of new religions, such as New Ageism, or the dropping or redefining of established ones, emotional raw material comes and goes – which further defines the population. 
  3. Yet the greatest mystery of all can be found in a single sentence:    What is the destiny of every individual human being?

This is for every individual to find out – your greatest challenge.

What Is The Most Useful Information As A Medium In Beyond?

QUESTION:  As a channel, what is the most useful piece of information Spirit has ever directed to you?

RESPONSE FROM DES:  There might be two different answers here.

One – Is ANY information useful if people are too self-preoccupied to be guided or even listen?

Two – Okay, let’s say at least SOMEONE is interested in being guided.  Consider.  There are almost eight billion human beings on the physical plane at this time.  Each is uniquely different from everybody else;   different from any person who has ever lived in the history of the human race, or ever will.  Each of us is a Universe comprising his or her own principles, preferences, genetic makeup, personality, belief structure, interpretations, level of understanding and cultural programming.

Therefore why, why, why should we insist that other people think as we think and believe what we believe and act as we act?  We even demand that people from distant corners of the world share our personal God or interpretation of God.  Is it any wonder why almost every war in history has been a religious war?  If only every individual were able to acknowledge that we are all different.  It is okay to be different.  We can celebrate this difference.  There is no need to be threatened by a difference among people or families or villages or cultures or countries.  If only…

If only we could comfortably allow ourselves to be different from one another, there would be no more conflict or wars.  Humanity would be a different creature.


PS:  Don’t forget that there are almost eight billion different answers to that question, because every person in physical has his or her own unique answer.  WHICH IS ENTIRELY OKAY.

Is This The Death Of Old Age?

“JOY GERM”: If I was to be hit by lightning and killed when I was, say, 60 I would have learned what I came here to learn. The “me” I came to create would have been created, job finished. What would another 25 years have to contribute? The last lonely decade would probably be spent in a rest home or bed or hospital. What joy! Or even a dementia ward watching someone wipe my bottom and than change my nappy.

DES: This mindset is probably held by a lot of thoughtful people. The following answer was given to me in response to different questions. Life is lived a second at a time, comprising every emotion and thought and action and reaction. In my case it all comes together as an individual I call Des. That’s what I am in ABC simple terms.
The final 25 years of a person’s physical life contain a lot of seconds, each fitting into an intricate and unique pattern. (Unique in the history of the universe.) The final decades draw on the wisdom and experiences of a lifetime, and so frequently make available a level of understanding not accessible to the younger person. Qualities of patience, humility and empathy are unfolded, because the elderly person’s environment is made of such stuff.
Every single thought and emotion is as precious as a diamond as big as a mug. Collectively, that is what the human species is made of. The designs of Mother Nature are perfect, even if our understanding of them is much less.

What Is Christianity According To Beyond?

Question:  In your channelled book, the “authors” in the spirit realms apparently defended the ailing religion that is called “Christianity”.  They challenged your own contention that Christianity is like a dying tree – some parts remain greener than others – and claimed the religion is more like a forest.  That is, because modern-day attitudes change so rapidly, some trees die while others grow to take their place.  Christianity is supposedly an evolving, living organism somewhat like the human race itself, creating itself as it goes.  As people evolve so their religion evolves, because they create it as a guiding influence.

But tell me, “wise” Desmond… Why do conservative and most mainstream Christians disagree, viewing the religion as an historical fact.  History is history.  Most theologians acknowledge Christianity in its historical context.  The Catholic Church is one example, with its one billion adherents.

A vast number of non-Christians (many billions of them – sceptics, atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, etc) reportedly see Christianity as a wry pipe dream, not a so-called “sentient thing”, almost a being or creature.  Pretty much everyone in the world disagrees with your authors. 

If they have got it wrong, what else have they got wrong?

Des:  Indeed, if they have it wrong.  Much of the information I have imported from Spirit over a lifetime does not appear in The Littlest Crusade.  The following perspective has been discussed in intricate detail many times:  “The physical world is an environment containing negative energy as well as positive.  In wrestling with the inevitable conflicts, we create ourself – but uniquely;  thought by thought, emotion by emotion, action by action – second by second for a lifetime.  Because we are human beings at the dawn of evolutionary unfoldment, we can understand only a tiny fraction of the total universe we occupy.  Indeed, we will never understand it all.   Due to the physical experience, every person lives within and relates to a different universe, because he or she brings to bear different perspectives and preferences.  He of she is a different universe!  How and why?  Because we all relate to and understand a uniquely separate aspect of “reality”, and because we become less and less alike one another, we progressively create and move into our own analogy or universe or belief structure or perspective…

“Within that place, we continue to individualize, we continue to create mental-emotional landscapes.  One of these is called Christianity.  It can also be seen that there are as many viewpoints about Christianity as there are people who call themselves ‘Christian’ – as there are trees in the forest, dying and being replaced but always part of a changing environment.”

The Truth About The Truth Of Beyond

CHERIE: I found your book a little difficult to understand, probably because my brain interprets information differently than yours presents it. But not so with the website, where I discovered a plane of existence we share. In that place I found unconditional love and truth. I want the best for humanity. This is what I am reaching out for. What I didn’t glean from your book was how we are meant to progress towards this goal – a better tomorrow for everyone.

DES: Thank you Cherie. In physical we each create or build a unique human being within ourself, one physical lifetime after another; but also between physical lives. Only in physical do we encounter negative energy. This enables us to enter into CONFLICT between negative and positive in deciding to do right or wrong, choose between Satan and Jesus in a manner of speaking, reach out to support and console or alternatively focus inwards on self gratification. That is, only in this physical place are we able to gorge ourself on food and then throw away what we can’t eat – while hundreds of thousands of children and their impoverished parents die of the diseases of malnutrition somewhere in the world.

In this manner every one of us grows him- or herself moment by moment depending on the particular decisions we make. This is what physical life is for. We are creating. We cannot help creating. We cannot stop creating.

Every person is a single cell within a large Body, just as the physical you is made up of cells that come together to form Des or Cherie. The difference is that the “Body” you and I are part of, is the Human Race – every person added together.

I have been reminded in the process of talking to Spirit, that every individual cell making up the physical Des, can contribute to health within me or promote disease. In the long term there is no middle ground, because cycles are created in both cases. When I asked the same question of Spirit that you asked me, I was told, “Make a commitment that with every person you encounter, you will look for an opportunity to help, support, guide, encourage, even inspire – in an appropriate manner. That way you are personally doing everything possible to heal within the Body of Humanity. Cycles are being created. You are free. You are whole. The process is called love. You are doing no less to yourself.”

Is God Bad? A Question For Beyond

NO NAME GIVEN: Here’s something for your Blog. I’m neither [a] sceptic nor a Christian, but I have a gripe. God, the sadistic b…..d, can stay out of my life. I’ve read the parts of your book I can understand, and nothing you say can explain why I lost two teenage sons in different car accidents, and it wasn’t their fault. We turn on TV [Aljazeera presumably] and watch nothing but slaughter in Iraq, Syria, Gaza, parts of Africa and elsewhere. Most of the fighting is religious. Many of the victims are children. So much for God, or “Mother Nature” as you call Him/Her/It. Now I have cancer. Does anything make any b….y sense!?

DES: It’s easy for me to sound wise from a distance, when it’s someone else who is suffering. But genuinely I understand what you are saying.

I guess we’re a bit like little guys building sand castles on the beach. The parents let each youngster create a castle so he can immerse himself in his activities and learn as a result. Mum and Dad can’t create sand castles on behalf of their children, and learn for them. When the tide comes in and washes away all that careful work, the kids have another lesson to ponder. That’s how learning proceeds

It’s the same for all of us. I am creating myself second by second, and thought by thought, and emotion by emotion, and activity by activity. Nobody can create me except ME. That is my mandate for as many heartbeats as I am here. In other words, that’s what I am doing in this place. At the end of my life I am what I have created.

The same with you. But exactly what is it YOU are creating? Are you exporting peace and love to those you encounter? Are you inspiring them, or providing a role model so they can be more complete human beings?

When the tide washed away your sand castle (when you tragically lost your boys, and then contracted cancer), did you take the opportunity to reach out to others similarly afflicted, and support and comfort them? Or did you just walk past that window of opportunity? Whatever you did, you were creating. You were creating YOU! You cannot avoid creating.

People who are particularly prone to cancer include those who are unhappy or disadvantaged or angry. There are many exceptions (as with children), but cancer can go by the name of hatred, resentment, self-loathing, guilt, lack of control of one’s life, deep sadness, being profoundly self-centred. Apart from medical or complementary/alternative intervention, what can remove cancer from one’s MIND and body? You guessed it: making use of every opportunity to help another person – as a matter of habit. That will make you free. It will make you whole, because you will be creating something DIFFERENT within yourself.

The Most Profound Answer in Beyond

Joshua:  It interests me that you can ask a question – apparently any question – and are given a detailed answer, that you are invited to explore in whatever depth you wish.  What is the most profound answer you have received?


Des:  What I think is profound another person might find boring.  But two responses come to mind:  (a)  “We all create, we cannot help creating.  Consciousness is the act of creating at every level, and the means to do so.  Furthermore we create according to our needs, individually as well as collectively.  Those needs sometimes lead us to create, collectively, either a person or a concept to guide us.  We are steered by our own hand, unfold ourselves, and contribute to the orderly growth of our species.”  On another occasion I was told that “every human being is a universe, creating itself, fleshing itself out, second by second and thought by thought and emotion by emotion and action by action and flight of fancy by flight of fancy.  This is an indication of the ultimate importance of every  person.”  The Littlest Crusade goes on to discuss the end game, the outcome of every individual journey.


(b)  Another strange, strange answer is as follows:  The physical communities have pondered and discussed from time to time the so-called mystery of the Holy Grail.  What is it?  Authorities of one type or another point to the possibility this mystical object – reportedly the most precious possession in the Christian world – is an ornate container that was used to collect the blood of Jesus as he died on the cross.  Another claim is that the Holy Grail is a stone beyond value that fell from the sky.


But why, why, why do “experts” embark on such lavish excursions into the imagination when the facts have been explained in plain words for centuries, to anyone who will listen?


Yes, the Holy Grail is infinitely precious, and transforms the life of anyone holding it.  “The Holy Grail is possessed by any person, no matter how humble, who heals, forgives, supports, comforts, counsels and feeds another without thought of reward. Now I have a question for you, Des.  Why can your fellow travellers not understand this?  Why do they so stubbornly blind themselves to this simple truth that would change the world?”  I provided no answer.