The Truth About The Truth Of Beyond

CHERIE: I found your book a little difficult to understand, probably because my brain interprets information differently than yours presents it. But not so with the website, where I discovered a plane of existence we share. In that place I found unconditional love and truth. I want the best for humanity. This is what I am reaching out for. What I didn’t glean from your book was how we are meant to progress towards this goal – a better tomorrow for everyone.

DES: Thank you Cherie. In physical we each create or build a unique human being within ourself, one physical lifetime after another; but also between physical lives. Only in physical do we encounter negative energy. This enables us to enter into CONFLICT between negative and positive in deciding to do right or wrong, choose between Satan and Jesus in a manner of speaking, reach out to support and console or alternatively focus inwards on self gratification. That is, only in this physical place are we able to gorge ourself on food and then throw away what we can’t eat – while hundreds of thousands of children and their impoverished parents die of the diseases of malnutrition somewhere in the world.

In this manner every one of us grows him- or herself moment by moment depending on the particular decisions we make. This is what physical life is for. We are creating. We cannot help creating. We cannot stop creating.

Every person is a single cell within a large Body, just as the physical you is made up of cells that come together to form Des or Cherie. The difference is that the “Body” you and I are part of, is the Human Race – every person added together.

I have been reminded in the process of talking to Spirit, that every individual cell making up the physical Des, can contribute to health within me or promote disease. In the long term there is no middle ground, because cycles are created in both cases. When I asked the same question of Spirit that you asked me, I was told, “Make a commitment that with every person you encounter, you will look for an opportunity to help, support, guide, encourage, even inspire – in an appropriate manner. That way you are personally doing everything possible to heal within the Body of Humanity. Cycles are being created. You are free. You are whole. The process is called love. You are doing no less to yourself.”