Are We Children Of A Mad God?

QUESTION:    I was taught that without exception the God of the Bible, the Creator, created all life in the Universe, including every human being and their circumstances;   and was the source of perfection, love and all wisdom.  Yet I find myself swinging my face away from the TV News, aghast.  The voice I hear is my own:   “Je…..!  Has God gone nuts?  Do I get my money back?

Exactly what is it that stokes my ire?

Recently it was allegedly the Syrian Government that launched a saran gas attack on its own citizens, many of them civilians including children.  Almost one hundred drowned in their own blood.  A much higher mortality rate flowed from previous gas attacks reportedly delivered by unknown sources.  As a weapon of war the use of gas is widely acknowledged to be a war crime.

Again, tens of millions have died of curable or preventable diseases and malnutrition, in Africa and elsewhere.  Why?  We in the relatively affluent Western countries continue to consume their share of the food and other resources.  As a result we grow unhealthy ourself.

Other examples of God’s silliness (who else are we to blame?) fill the space around us like a plague of confetti.  In a single lifetime multiple examples of genocide have been experienced, again in Africa.  All the while, cocooned in our comfortable Western lifestyle, we indulge ourself on the bounty of the land while our kids are sometimes prone to stoning their brain with a bewildering array of illegal substances, all the while contributing to the suicide statistics.  Sometimes the illicit drugs are funded from the proceeds of crime.

It must be admitted that many of the practices which the Holy One permits are the province of only one religion or culture.  To whit:   A young girl is reportedly dragged from her school bus after a day’s tuition, separated from her girl friends, and gang raped in front of sometimes indifferent witnesses.  On occasion the outcome is fatal.  If not, her family hunts her down and murders her for “bringing shame on the family”.  Apparently attempts to outlaw this behaviour in parts of India and Northern Pakistan are successfully being resisted.

I am in a class of students who obtained one of your books online (The Littlest Crusade renamed Beyond).  You claim that Mother Nature or God is perfect, although not necessarily our interpretation.  What is the truth of this matter?  Please enlighten us.  [An English University is identified, correctly or otherwise, as the source of this email.]

RESPONSE FROM DES:    I have been a medium or psychic since childhood.  Any wisdom I happen to possess was channelled to me from the deceased individuals, the Spirit personalities, I am associated with.  I direct a question to them.  It is answered in writing in intricate detail, as are any follow-up questions, although I occasionally disagree with their assessment.

An example:    Why does so much senseless tragedy, brutality, and pain persist;  so many unanswered or unanswerable questions;  the diseases and ghastly afflictions that tear apart even the most noble and loving family?  Does it all take place behind God’s back, as it were, or is it part of a perfect plan?  The answer I received:   ” Without exception the latter.”

To make sense of this it must be understood why so much knowledge, such a depth of wisdom, apparently reposes in the after-death state, and so little in physical.

Okay, what is the physical world?  It is a profoundly coarse version of the Divine Plan, making available every negative experience the human condition can undergo:    every expression of pain and conflict;   every unanswerable question;   every emotional torment;   every betrayal, disappointment and tear that a human being is capable of experiencing.

Why is all this necessary?  In a “perfect world” what does misery and suffering offer the Holy Flock that joy, love, support, empathy and peace does not?


The physical is a place where the negative side of every reality is examined.  On the other hand, Spirit is a “place” where the balancing influence of positivity is to be found – absolute love and self-love.  After a lifetime in physical, either brief or otherwise, a person re-examines familiar territory (a familiar timeframe, culture, genetic stream, etc) as experienced emotionally from a  Spiritual perspective.  In simple terms it can be said that the human race is an exploration of the creative potential made available by the polarising process.  Two other dimensions are incorporated;   namely,

  1.  The Spiritual evolvement of individuals while living “past lives”.
  2.  The need, especially in physical, to build individualisation.  That is, every free-will decision uniquely shapes that personality.  And so the millennia go by, second by second.  Of course with the introduction of new religions, such as New Ageism, or the dropping or redefining of established ones, emotional raw material comes and goes – which further defines the population. 
  3. Yet the greatest mystery of all can be found in a single sentence:    What is the destiny of every individual human being?

This is for every individual to find out – your greatest challenge.