Evaluating EMDR and Self-EMDR

    Because EMDR and Self-EMDR have a similar delivery mechanism and protocols, the following professional evaluations of EMDR are equally relevant to the self-help version – Self-EMDR.

The prototype version of “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing” (EMDR), in which the client’s eye movements were used to initiate a trance state, was developed during the 1990s by Francine Shapiro Ph.D, at the time a senior research fellow at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California.  Self-EMDR:  The Complete Therapeutic Approach owes a debt to Dr Shapiro, even though changes have overtaken the original modality.


A broad spectrum of international news media outlets has commented on EMDR over the years, ranging from Washington Post to Natural Health to The Stars and Stripes and Newsweek:  Examples, Mainstream therapies have been seen to take years, while EMDR achieves results after a handful of sessions… One of the most exciting breakthroughs in many years… Over a million patients have benefitted.  Research supports the remarkable claims made… EMDR is a breakthrough in psychological therapy.  It’s here and it works…

    News broadcasts:  (20/20 ABC News) Within several sessions we resolved issues we had worked on for years with other techniques… (20/20 ABC News) After years of failed conventional therapy, EMDR stripped away destructive memories…2020abcnews

    Two survivors of brutal rape:  Even when I remember the trauma, those terrible emotions are no longer there.  Amazing.  My life has been handed back to me… In four sessions we succeeded where years of treatment with other therapists had failed…

    Academics:  The following distinguished members of the psychological community are on record as describing EMDR in glowing terms:  Professor Lazarus, Professor Norcross, Professor Doctor, Professor Brown, Professor Kluft and Professor Rouanzoin…

    Finally, the following organisations have stood up to acknowledge the powerful contribution EMDR has made on the world scene:  Disaster Mental Health, American Red Cross, FBI Employee Assistance Program, Center for Crisis Psychology, UN Consultancy to UNICEF and UNCHR, the Menninger Clinic, the Milton H Erickson Foundation, the Domestic Violence Institute,  and the Veterans Administration Medical Center.