Questions & Answers on Beyond

Question: You mentioned in the Tab “About the Author”, that you used an “expanding infrastructure of analogies” that resulted in a common language being available when getting information from your wife. What are you talking about? Surely the truth is the truth. I can understand your receiving details and writing them down and having them published. If you can’t receive everything then you get what you can.

Answer: Of every hundred facts on any particular situation known to those providing information, perhaps only 10 could be picked up by me because of the limitations of sending details from one plane of existence to another. My mind put together those 10 facts into a model or simplified explanation, retained it and treated it as the total reality. I called this an analogy. To me it came across as the complete answer to that question. Significantly it was as close to the truth as it was possible to get at that time. The informants knew this and structured their responses accordingly.

Over a lifetime of psychic communication many of these overlapping analogies came together in my mind. Because people in the after-death state provided the raw material in the first place, and understood the limited “language of the analogies”, they were able to carry out detailed, balanced and complex discussions with me. That is, we shared a language of common concepts, comprising the sum total of all the analogies. I was helped to understand what otherwise would be incomprehensible.

As explained, I additionally used the neurological trance technique IADC® to further make me receptive. My long-term relationship with my wife Val – a gifted psychic herself – contributed. Finally, those in the after-death environment who apparently have responsibility for providing the information at this critical time were able to focus further empowerment and clarity during the channeling process.

Question: Why you?

Answer: I’m the postman. I don’t even agree with everything that appears in the book.

Question: Has your free will ever been interfered with?

Answer: No. It never will. In physical, collectively, we are like the helmsman steering a mighty ocean liner through a passage among the rocks. The liner is the human race, the human Organism. Its destiny is in the hands of the helmsman. I am not the helmsman, you are. The physical plane is the place where our future is decided, it is the bedrock on which everything is built, it is the matrix or mould which shapes the total human condition.

Chillingly, crucial decisions must be made in the immediate future. The consequences cannot be reversed. The Littlest Crusade points out a passage among the rocks.

Question: Is there only one passage? How long do we have? There are many good people in the world, and many sincere people who continue to learn by the process of making mistakes and learning: surely Justice must be discerning. Common sense suggests the process of learning takes time, and that we will learn given sufficient time. We are human, so we can’t not be human. This is what we are. This is how we’re supposed to be. What’s the problem?

Answer: Read the book. It’s your boat. I’m just the postman.

Question: It may be tragic, it may be inevitable, but in the modern world it has become impossible to trust. Am I able to trust what you have said about your book? Are you willing to prove what you have claimed? Are you agreeable to undergo an impartial and scientifically validated polygraph testing program in front of witnesses?

Answer: Yes.

Question: The world is full of suffering. Surely God can’t be that heartless! I wouldn’t allow an animal to suffer as many people suffer. Only one answer makes sense: there is no God. If there is a God I decline to shake his hand.

Answer: The Littlest Crusade answers this question fully and in many ways. A single response is that the physical is a “place” where both positive energy (the nuances of love and caring) and negative energy (shades of self-indulgence, indifference and even hatred) coexist. Within this interplay, moving in one direction and then the other, people use their free will to steer their lives and create themselves mentally and emotionally and spiritually – second by second throughout a lifetime. They are what they create. They shape their own heaven and hell, and dwell within that place. There is a justice!

God, by whatever name, gives them that freedom, and also the freedom to seek answers, learn by the process of trial and error, explore whatever dark shore they are washed up on, and forgive themselves as often as necessary. That is their mandate and their destiny.

Now shake your own hand.

Question: There are comprehensive details on the website about Dr. Allan Botkin, the discoverer of IADC®. I’ve read his book. The two of you seem to occupy different planets when you talk about the same thing – IADC®. How come?

Answer: Dr. Botkin is the Director of the Center for Grief and Traumatic Loss, LLC in Libertyville, Illinois, and I am only a therapist in a small country. Without his pioneering work, BEYOND could not have been written.

Technically there is no difference between his approach and mine, although I have incorporated transpersonal psychology in a way he has not. Allan has the advantage of a background in research, while I have specialized in trance psychotherapy for decades. (Whether or not IADC® can be categorized as trance is a matter of debate.)

Our respective beliefs? In my discussions with Dr. Botkin he comes across as a healthcare professional with an intense commitment to the healing and wellbeing of his patients above all else. As well he carried IADC® around the world with his book, Induced After Death Communication (co-authored with R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D, a professor of communications); and with international lectures and workshops on the subject.

I have used IADC® as the means to obtain intricately-detailed information from those in the after-death state – some of it completely different from my own views, and most of it never ever encountered in the past.

Question: Can you give me an oversight of your book? What truth is so profound it exists in that post-mortem place but not here?

Answer: Almost abruptly the means were discovered for detailed and explicit information to be accessed from a different plane of existence. Events happen for a reason. There is a time for everything. Psychology reached a threshold where the human mind could be carried that little bit further, and so scientifically validated meetings were possible between the physical and the after-death state.

Shockingly, in that dimension an answer is available for every question. Chillingly, the answers presented for our consideration open up two possible futures – one, a grim rerun of past catastrophes but much worse, and the other a landscape where such torment is not necessary.

The choice is ours. Our free will, both individually and collectively, will lead us in one direction or another. Nothing and nobody can do it for us, because the human organism creates itself according to the exercise of free will. It always has. But a change has taken place which never existed in the past. A threshold point in history has been reached where we can no longer say we don’t know. We have been told! The answers have been offered to us! The rest is up to us! It is time to accept stewardship of our own planet, now that we are equipped with everything that is necessary. No longer is there an excuse. We have grown up: 2012 is a seminal year where behaviour has become irreversible.

BEYOND presents and discusses these facts, answers some of the most profound questions to tease human imagination, and explores the strange dimension we will all visit when we die.

Question: You mentioned a number of times that you personally disagreed with some things channeled to you for the book. Please give me the most important example.

Answer: A lot of things I initially disagreed with, but was persuaded after being told, “Never say you don’t understand. Ask, in as many ways as necessary. Examine the evidence and then consult your common sense and your conscience. The conclusions are yours to live with. We will never interfere with your free will.”

However, I have never been reconciled that abortion as a lifestyle choice is acceptable. Perhaps it is right for one person and wrong for another. Perhaps it is right for one situation and wrong for another. For me, abortion as a matter of convenience or a method of contraception is an uncomfortable concept. But then, that’s just me. I can’t speak for anyone else.

Question: The esoteric world is turmoiling and ploding about the changes that are forecast for 21 December 2012. In the book, what have you been told? It seems unlikely that nothing has been said.

Answer: Explanations are presented to me in the form of analogies, simplified but intricately-balanced word pictures. Any analogy demands a focus is held as it is being unfolded. In this case the focus does not specifically include 21 December 2012. But yes, the broad timeframe is examined, although in a manner startlingly different from anything foreseen by those researching the subject.

Question: I’ve seen a movie about Joseph Carey Merrick, the “Elephant Man”. In the name of God, what purpose does such a situation serve? Why all that ugliness and suffering? For that matter, why is there so much of it in our contemporary world? Does BEYOND grapple with such questions?

Answer: In great detail. Along with the circumstances of the child dying from cancer, the burns victim, and the mother starving and alone in sub-Sahara Africa with her six children buried in the sand hills around the refugee camp.

There are many answers. One begs the question of what a human being is, and what physical life is all about. Have a look at the following model: “Personally, I am an organism, essentially isolated and self-contained. That is, in the most meaningful way there is only me and what is not me. What is me is inside me, especially in my mind, and what is not me is out there in my surroundings. All the things that are not me – the people and objects and activities – are there for me to interact with. As I do so I change, in ways that otherwise would not be possible. The ‘Elephant Man’, and the other victims I mentioned, are just sources of sensory stimulation coming from my surroundings, either directly or indirectly. The same concept applies to everyone, of course. That is what the physical plane is all about. Why? When Merrick experienced pain, and when I indirectly witnessed it (I’ve seen the movie as well), the qualities within the two of us of compassion and empathy were given substance. They were empowered and steered, at least in a small way. Something new was born. Individual and collective evolvement (the evolvement of consciousness) was being served.

In the after-death state, all this flows on to something incredibly beautiful, where every tear we shed is like a diamond the size of a cup. Because of this, Merrick and the other victims will come to revere the individual seconds, those few heartbeats, which made up their physical journey. There is a perfect justice.”

This description is just a brush stroke in the oil painting that is BEYOND.

Question: How have you come by such a complex and detailed account of the after-death state, when the psychologists and research scientists who developed the modality failed to do so? Their descriptions are a pencil sketch compared with yours.

Answer: I was probably the first person with a lifelong psychic capability to encounter IADC®. As well, I spent many years as a clinician specializing in trance psychotherapy, a first cousin to IADC®. It all came together.

Question: Skeptics. Are you open to our challenge to prove what you are claiming? In the modern world it is reasonable to ask for proof. We are doing so now. Science is built on the bedrock of replicated evidence.

Answer: While inferring that scientific proof is the only way fact can be separated from fiction, skeptics tend to fall into the same trap as many others. They defer to one emotional need or another, and embrace a belief structure which comes closest to supporting and validating that need. They reach out for facts which give credence to their beliefs, and reject facts which deny it. There is nothing wrong with this, because it is part of human nature. It leads the believer into a comfort zone which is relatively free from conflict. We all like comfort. Undeniably it is comforting to be convinced you are right, the other person is wrong, and there is only one truth.

Question: If you say so! But is this much different from what you are doing?

Answer: A difference between the typical skeptic and the views expressed in this book is that the authors encourage respect, understanding and support for those holding different opinions. The idea is to empower others and celebrate the difference of opinion, not to surrender blindly to the power of one’s emotional needs. It is not necessary to be defensive, elitist and territorial.

Question: Talking to the dead is necromancy, a sin. Your book promotes this. Deuteronomy 18:10-12 states that “There shall not be found among you one … that looks into the future or casts spells or consults with the dead, for these things are an abomination unto the Lord”. Furthermore, people are deceived by fallen angels (demons) who convince them they are deceased relatives.

Answer: I respect you for standing up for beliefs you sincerely hold. In my case I think we are all drawn towards a particular belief structure because of our needs. We all have different emotional and therefore philosophical needs, we believe in different things, so we embrace one religion or another, one denomination or another, one stream or another – or none at all. There is no single truth. We must seek out our unique reality, and accept responsibility. Your reality is true for you. Mine is true for me. Perhaps we should avoid the temptation of trying to browbeat other people into believing what we believe. We should wear our own face!

Furthermore, I think the Bible tells different people different things, and in this way supports them and encourages them to be uniquely different. You have said what Deuteronomy 18:10-12 means to you. The same Bible says the opposite to me: “Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you”. Luke 17:20-22.

Question: Once I have passed over, the electro-chemical impulses generated by my brain obviously cease to function. Therefore how do I continue to think, and feel emotions, as the people in your book do when they communicate with you?

Answer: Consciousness or modulated energy is picked up by every cell of your body, not just by your brain. It could be said that the brain primarily drives the functioning of the body. Even with the brain’s more limited involvement in mental and emotional activity, this continues after death because the energy patterns underlying and creating molecular structure remain in place. That is, physical matter made up of molecules is destroyed, leaving in place the energy responsible for the existence of the molecules. Because emotions and thoughts have no physical component, they remain completely unaffected at death. A final comment: The foregoing is nothing more than an analogy, drawing on a tiny number of facts out of the vast number which comprise the total picture.

Question: Have you ever felt manipulated by the people you encounter while in a neurological trance?

Answer: Only once, and in small measure. This morning, as I was finishing this section of the website, I was asked “out of the blue” whether I remembered the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. I said I did vaguely. I was interested in why they asked. What were they saying? Was there a warning there, and if so how literarily was it to be taken?

There was no response, just a silence. It was the first time I have ever encountered such a silence. I realized that the future itself would provide an eloquent answer.