The Most Profound Answer in Beyond

Joshua:  It interests me that you can ask a question – apparently any question – and are given a detailed answer, that you are invited to explore in whatever depth you wish.  What is the most profound answer you have received?


Des:  What I think is profound another person might find boring.  But two responses come to mind:  (a)  “We all create, we cannot help creating.  Consciousness is the act of creating at every level, and the means to do so.  Furthermore we create according to our needs, individually as well as collectively.  Those needs sometimes lead us to create, collectively, either a person or a concept to guide us.  We are steered by our own hand, unfold ourselves, and contribute to the orderly growth of our species.”  On another occasion I was told that “every human being is a universe, creating itself, fleshing itself out, second by second and thought by thought and emotion by emotion and action by action and flight of fancy by flight of fancy.  This is an indication of the ultimate importance of every  person.”  The Littlest Crusade goes on to discuss the end game, the outcome of every individual journey.


(b)  Another strange, strange answer is as follows:  The physical communities have pondered and discussed from time to time the so-called mystery of the Holy Grail.  What is it?  Authorities of one type or another point to the possibility this mystical object – reportedly the most precious possession in the Christian world – is an ornate container that was used to collect the blood of Jesus as he died on the cross.  Another claim is that the Holy Grail is a stone beyond value that fell from the sky.


But why, why, why do “experts” embark on such lavish excursions into the imagination when the facts have been explained in plain words for centuries, to anyone who will listen?


Yes, the Holy Grail is infinitely precious, and transforms the life of anyone holding it.  “The Holy Grail is possessed by any person, no matter how humble, who heals, forgives, supports, comforts, counsels and feeds another without thought of reward. Now I have a question for you, Des.  Why can your fellow travellers not understand this?  Why do they so stubbornly blind themselves to this simple truth that would change the world?”  I provided no answer.