A Bridge Too Far For Mediums?

GLEN:  I have asked mediums over the years why spirit will not or cannot provide the most meaningful guidance, the ultimately profound and constructive answers, to enable us to overcome the misery and deprivation and violence and “madness” that seem to be gaining momentum in the world.  Those insights must be out there, they must exist.


DES:  I take it the information you were given has not met your needs.  I guess you are saying, “Why the evasions?  Why the generalisations?  Why the sweet talk?  There must be an answer to every question.  Why not provide it?”


Why indeed!  The recent advent of scientifically researched neurotherapeutic mediumship (IADC), which can be merged with traditional mediumship, opens portals for the first time in human history.  Intricate detail is there to be examined.  Questions and answers can be bounced  backwards and forewards from one plane of existence to another, as would take place in after-dinner conversation at home.  Very few subjects, in my experience, are off the agenda.  BEYOND explores this phenomenon.


But to answer your question:  (a)  Individual, and therefore collective, free will is the final arbiter, the “ring to rule all rings”.  We create ourself at every level according to what we do with our free will.  We even create the “misery and deprivation and violence and ‘madness’,” which swirl around us.  Tell me, Glen, why do you contribute to a process which condemns countless thousands of innocent people in Third World countries to malnutrition and disease and death, because you consume their share of the planet’s resources?  Your free will leads you to do this.  (No excuses, Glen!)


(b)  This sad situation exists because we are all like growing children, we have not reached a level of maturity where we can act in any other way.  One would not punish a five-year-old for failing to act like a 10-year-old or a 15-year-old.  Growth is a slow process of unfoldment.  We live in the environment we build around us, and in this way we create ourselves as we unfold.  The only way to escape our toxic environment is to change it, and this means changing ourself.  It is called evolvement.


No medium can tell a five-year-old how to suddenly become a 10-year-old.  Only we can attend to this business of growing up.  


(c)  Finally, any guidance moved from spirit to physical depends on the exercise of natural law or “Mother Nature”.  Energy is required, simply because energy is the driving force behind all natural law.  However, it is available only if there is a valid and balanced need for a particular item of information, or a particular manifestation, to be transferred from one plane of existence to the other.  This process is perfect, for the same reason a tree does not grow upside down with the leaves under the ground and its roots in the air.


So … one would hardly expect profound insights to be offered to a self-centred five-year-old who could never begin to understand them – let along use them.

Why Are So Many Horrible Things Happening In The World?

Several people have contacted me, pointing to “the horrible things” that have been sweeping the planet:  “Despite what you explained, I can see nothing logical or positive about 70,000 people dying in the Syrian conflict, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, the Boston marathon bombing, and many other cruel events carried out by individuals that seem to be getting more commonplace.  Why, why, why at a time when we were promised an era of change in the world?”


DES:  Look in the mirror.  You are making it happen – as we all are.  Many people in many countries acknowledge that an “energy” has come upon the planet and will increase as the years go by.  That force, as part of a delicate balance ordered up by Mother Nature or natural law (by whatever name), facilitates and enables every individual and group of individuals.  We hold POWER in our hands that was not there before.  We can CREATE what was impossible in the past.  We can STEER human destiny in a way that has always been beyond our reach.  Our planet is now OUR responsibility for the first time.  We have grown up!


So … what are we doing about it?  Because the physical plane has always been comprised of both negative and positive energy, and because free will always has the final say (individually and therefore collectively), the entire spectrum of our behaviour is being empowered by the changing energy.  The expression of positive, loving, giving, empathic behaviour is progressively being boosted.  The same principle feeds negative behaviour so that egotism, materialism, elitism, self indulgence, hatred, jealousy and discrimination increasingly bolster one ideology or another.  In some cases primitive appetites are being kindled and fuelled.

What Has Gone Wrong in The World?

EVE.  Conflict around the world is getting worse and not better.  A change in the planet’s energy was supposed to arrive with the new century.  I assumed this was for the better.  What has gone wrong?


DES.  Mother Nature is perfect.  Nothing has gone wrong.  We are adaptive, like trees along the coastline that bend away from the prevailing wind.  Except that in our case our adaptive behaviour is driven by our personal free will, so that (individually and therefore collectively) we create ourself and our society by what we do.  We have reached a critical tipping point.  Growth is almost abruptly accelerating.  Stagnation has become less tenable.  This is part of a cycle the species has attracted to itself at this time, because we have reached the stage where we are able to respond.


At approximately the turn of the century the appearance of modulated energy, as promised, facilitated and empowered this process.  If our activities introduce cooperation and love and goodwill, this is what we will create within the environment.  But if our activities prove we need more suffering in order to be able to feel for other people, be more empathic and supportive and nurturing, then surely we will bring the necessary suffering upon ourselves.  We will create it within the environment.  Why?  If a person experiences pain, then s/he will be able to understand and respond to pain in others.  Growth has taken place.  When the power of love exceeds the love of power, the new century will usher in an era of universal peace.  Our free will is the final arbiter.  We decide which path we will take.  In doing so we shape the future as we would shape a pillar of moist clay.  Mother nature is perfect!


But am I being effete or simplistic?  Let’s look at an example that has dominated the news media:  the age-old conflict between Islam and Christianity, only one face of religious conflict.  Islam is becoming more radicalised in many regions.  Why?  Democracy is as foreign and unacceptable to them as sharia law would be to many in Western countries, at least at this time.  Think about it!  There doesn’t have to be a definitive right and wrong.  Why not respect, support, encourage, and try to understand?


Yes, the flames of radicalisation are being fanned by wild-eyed extremists consumed by hatred and the lust for personal glory (martyrdom).  Surely this polarisation is encouraged by both deprivation and the challenge of foreigners on their soil armed with an incomprehensible political ideology.  Of course sectarian violence within their ranks is another problem, but don’t forget the Muslim community is inspired by the same frantic energy that is sweeping the planet – at a time when the flame of infidel Christianity is flickering and waning.


What are Western democracies doing to arrest these developments?  Forty percent of their food is wasted according to the US Natural Resources Defense Council.  For example seven percent of food crops are never harvested, 17 percent of meals in restaurants and cafeterias remain uneaten, and families throw out 25 percent of the food they purchase – while hundreds of thousands of people in Third World countries die of malnutrition and its diseases every month.  Most of them are non-Christians.


The extent to which we all come together to meet those challenges dictates the nature of our future on the planet.  As we relate to our various environments, especially at the emotional level, we shape our behaviour and therefore the events which unfold around us.  What we most need in order to evolve as a species is unerringly provided by our own hand.  In effect we “put in an order” to Mother Nature by whatever name.  She provides it.  The human race continues to evolve.

Is The Book Beyond Deceitful?

Stephanie Greenham.  Desmond wrote, earlier in this blog, “The international skeptics have accosted me because ‘communication with so-called dead spirits is not scientifically provable.  Therefore the claim is nothing more than deceit.  We do not condone deceit’.”


Having faced skepticism from people I love and respect within my family group, and from favourite colleagues and some friends, for most of my life, I nevertheless continue to share my opinions and experiences.  Each and every experience we have with spirit is an amazing gift that is 1000% real for that person.  It’s as real as getting up in the morning, watching a sunset, cuddling a small child.  My question is simple.  How can any skeptic scientifically prove a person’s shared experience of spirit is deceitful?  Although skeptics have their own rights, and energy and thoughts around the phenomenon, if they are not open to what is presented to them, perhaps they are looking in the wrong direction.  Spirit can contact us in such subtle ways:  The presence of a beautiful scent, that stops you in your tracks whilst gardening alone, although the magnificent rose you purchased has no scent.  Weeks after the family dog passes away, you sense and smell your beloved pet.


Other delicate energies can take the form of visions, messages within dreams.  I have three children, and years after they arrived I dreamt I gave birth to a baby boy.  It was so vivid.  This was 10 years after a tubal ligation, so I knew the message was not directed to me.  A week or so later my daughter confirmed her pregnancy, and in due course my wonderful grandson, Jesse, was born.  Other less subtle encounters can also be presented to us.


All we can ever do is smile and share this gift that has so generously been handed to us, and keep loving the skeptic, and wish and hope he or she benefits as we have benefitted.  This is not deceit.  Love you my uncle, who himself has attended NZ Skeptics seminars.


Jean Douglas (White Buffalo Woman) channeled the following lines from spirit for me (Stephanie).

All is Learning all is moving on

All is perfection at each moment in your time in your creation

Our journey at this time is not to try and change another, no matter

what you may believe is best for them for it may not be their journey,

but to be the very best that each one of you can be on your journey

at this time in this life that you have chosen to learn

Your soul energy chose knowing the best journey for you to take to

create the best circumstances with the best people, friends and family

for you to create and to learn the best way in this Earth life journey

for you to move on, on your spiritual pathway. 

Channeled and given through the hand of Jean Douglas (White Buffalo Woman)


DES:  A skeptic cannot prove anything, because we all create our own unique belief structure driven by our own unique needs.  We are all different.  Furthermore it could be asked how the so-called scientific skeptic differs from the Buddhist, or the conservative Christian, or the Muslim, or the Zoroastrian, or the Theosophist, or the Rosicrucianist.  He does not differ.  Simplistically they all believe they are right and everyone else is wrong.  This is a very comfortable space to occupy, even a very lazy space.


One could argue there is a shade of difference between the skeptic and the others, a delicate nuance, because only the skeptic claims to be supported by an irrefutable, replicated consensus of proof:  “Proof is proof.  Facts are facts.  Science is science.”


So … We have already looked at sub-atomic physics, a field in which the leading edge of scientific enquiry relies on a framework of theories supporting theories supporting theories – none of them independently provable.  Therefore this branch of science is broadly accepted, even in the absence of definitive evidence.  Extrapolation is not definitive evidence.  But let us be fair, and go back several generation to language most people understand.  The most respected scientists in the world are instructing the community about blowflies.  The scientists’ authority is unquestioned.  Their credentials are impeccable:  “It has been proven that blowflies are produced from rotting meat.  As it breaks down, eggs and then maggots form within the decaying matter, and give rise to adult flies.  This is where blowflies come from.  A natural cycle of life can therefore be seen creating itself.”  Another claim that was paraded before the world as absolute and undeniable, was that no human being, throughout the history of the species, would ever travel at a speed exceeding 25 miles an hour (I have seen various figures quoted, all below 100 miles an hour), because to do so would crush the cardiovascular system and cause death.


Of course these assertions are rubbish.  As time passes and science evolves, other “facts” come and go, trumpeted as true and proven, only to be discarded as more modern principles and techniques take their place.  And so on.  Common sense tells us this will continue.  In fact there is no such thing as unchangeable scientific proof.  What is revered as an unshakable reality today will be derided as a pitiful joke by the next generation or the one after that.


As a result skeptics, who are blind to this fact, are accused of either arrogance or stupidity by a large percent of the world’s population.  But I think this is unkind.  The critics themselves are usually members of one religion or another, and typically make exactly the same claim:  “We are right and everyone else is wrong.”


Perhaps we should support and encourage those who disagree with us, and celebrate the fact they draw comfort and meaning from their interpretation of the truth:  “If they are happy I am happy for them.  It’s okay to have different opinions.”  But the foregoing is merely my view!

The Scientific Case for Beyond – The Book, based on EMDR and IADC

Des.  Many books have been based on information channeled by psychics from the after-death state, some of which went on to become international best sellers.


Conversations With God series by Neale Donald Walsch captured public imagination.  The Seth series by Jane Roberts was well-known in the 1970s and 1980s.  Ruth Montgomery’s books were salient in the mind-body-spirit genre from the 1960s through to the 1980s.  Edgar Cayce’s name was dominant during the last 50 years of the twentieth century.  The Spiritualist authors Maurice Barbanell and Arthur Ford continue to enjoy popularity in their field.


Science and psychology, however, rarely glanced in the direction of the after-death environment, due largely to deeply-ingrained professional prejudice:  “We know it’s just superstition, and we don’t investigate superstition”.


Fortunately there are exceptions. Allan L Botkin, PhD, Director of the Centre for Grief and Traumatic Loss in Libertyville, Illinois, encountered undeniable evidence while working for 20 years as a psychologist in a Veterans Administration hospital in Chicago.  His experiences of after-death encounters with combat veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm, were so compelling that his research was supported by a phalanx of psychological and psychiatric authorities – all internationally-acknowledged leaders in their field.  These included Dr Raymond Moody, Dr Bruce Greyson, Bill Guggenheim, and the theologian Professor Ralph Leonard.  Their findings were brought together by Professor R Craig Hogan.  Many, many other members of the psychological community joined their ranks as the journey continued.  In his 2005 book on “induced after-death communications” (IADC), Botkin discussed the fact that he and several dozen colleagues helped “many thousands of clients” make contact with spirit personalities.  He went on to state that “it worked for nearly everyone” with whom he conducted sessions.  The clients involved, and the research staff, possessed no psychic or mediumistic abilities whatsoever, and came from a broad spectrum of society.


The following case history published by Botkin is dramatic, complex and comprehensive, more so than is typical.  I lifted it from his files [and comprehensively rewrote it] to show what can be achieved with the technique.  The various cases discussed are not restricted to patients from the vet’s hospital.


During Client’s childhood his father physically and sexually assaulted him and his two sisters in the most appalling manner.  So great was his continuing trauma and anxiety that he had difficulty even discussing the matter with the psychotherapist.  Father would bring drunken friends home, who abused the terrified children at will.  One of Client’s sisters, while still a teenager, killed herself.  The other sister did the same just before Client presented for therapy.  During IADC, Botkin’s client came face to face with the sister who only recently committed suicide.  With tears in his eyes, he explained to Botkin how happy she looked:  “It’s the first time I’ve seen her happy, although she is sorry for the distress her suicide caused”.  Brother and sister went on to discuss other family members who died, and she provided encouragement and advice to him.  That night Client dreamed vividly that his father was begging forgiveness, as his sisters looked on from a distance.  Interestingly, Father was in an area of darkness, while the sisters were standing smiling in bright light.  In the dream the sisters then approached and said, “Forgive Father, not for him but for you”.  During Client’s next session with Dr Botkin, he confronted his father.  He found himself pushing the other away.  Father’s presence was offensive.  But the spirit personality looked so distraught.  For the first time Client felt an awareness that his father carried the suffering he had caused:  he lived it.  A discussion followed.  Later Client explained to Botkin:  “He seemed so pitiful, so sorry.  He kept repeating it.  He’d resorted to such appalling behaviour because that’s how his father treated him.  I really feel forgiveness is possible.  I know why he did these things.”  IADC therapy continued for several more sessions, before Client was completely reconciled and comfortable.  He told Botkin with a smile, that he would always take with him the love and warmth the sisters offered as they hugged him during his final session.


Another client, a psychologist, was a skeptic who nevertheless included IADC in her clinical practice.  So intrigued was she with the results she decided to contact Botkin.  She wanted to talk to her father, with whom there had been issues.  Without effort she made contact:  “He was younger and fitter, and looked quite peaceful, quite unlike the father I remembered”.  Client came by an awareness that, for all his shortcomings, Father had carried a deep committment to the family and done his best.  He mentioned he was calmly awaiting the arrival of his elderly wife, Client’s mother.  At the one-year follow-up, Client reported that emotionally her life was more balanced and comfortable as the result of the IADC.  No longer was the skeptic skeptical!


A further case of a skeptic undergoing an IADC experience, relates to a cardiac surgeon who loudly proclaimed, “The whole after-death thing is just a flight of fancy”, even before he knew what was involved.  He had been referred to Botkin by a group working with the grief process.  Client was a member of the group and continued to struggle unsuccessfully with the painful death of his brother five years before.  Discussing his distress, Client was sad, embittered and angry.  He needed someone to blame, an indication he was suffering from a fixation that was inhibiting a healthy resolution of the conflict.  His parents were the focus of his fury.  However the session was a complete success.  Afterwards he appeared tired but relaxed.  Almost reluctantly he smiled.  The tension was gone.  But abruptly, as though remembering his prejudices, he sat upright and snapped, “Yes, I was talking to my brother.  He said not to blame anyone for his death, he was okay.  But it was all imagination.  You don’t expect me to believe that stuff, do you?”  A short time later Botkin contacted the grief resolution group, and was informed the surgeon had improved so dramatically he was no longer a member.


A history professor appearing in Botkin’s files failed several times with IADC.  Assisted by Botkin she persisted.  Eventually she encountered her mother, whose death she continued to grieve.  The professor revealed that she was healed by a single sentence spoken by her mother, so powerful were the emotions that accompanied the words.  This is a well-known feature of IADC.  The deceased frequently carries with her very presence a strange comfort, a serenity, a sense that everything is okay and as it should be.  Sometimes no words are necessary.  At other times they provide guidance.  Almost always forgiveness and love and peace are conveyed.  Even the glimpse of a loved one, radiant with happiness, can heal and give a feeling of release that Client has sought for years.  There are many, many other case histories in Dr Botkin’s files.


As a specialist in psychotherapy and neurotherapy with the trance state, I regularly use the modality with clients.  I also developed a new delivery mechanism and protocols for both EMDR and IADC, so a person is able to entrance him- or herself and use Self-EMDR and self-IADC.  This enabled me to “follow” my wife when she died in 2007.

An Oversight on the Book Beyond

DES.  It is a fact that there is no such thing as a fact!  Let me explain.  With any subject we choose to look at, there might be, say, 1000 items of information in existence or even a million.  This is the case if we look at ABC simple stuff, philosophical information, mathematical information, details about the planetary organism (Gaia), or even something as abstract as the hypothetical infrastructure underpinning sub-atomic physics.  You name it.  Because people are just human beings at a primitive stage of their growth or evolvement, because we have much to learn, we do not possess the total number of facts on any subject.  Let’s say the average individual is acquainted with one fact out of every hundred; that is, 10 facts out of the total of 1000 existing on that given subject.  He puts the 10 together into an analogy or model or template or paradigm.  These 10 facts are all he knows.  A genius may possess 15 facts out of every 1000.  I may possess five.  Whatever.  So far as Mr Average is concerned, with his 10 facts he thinks he knows everything there is to know.  That is his reality.  Within its limited horizons he relates to the world around him, and he relates to himself.

Collectively, this is what the human race is at this point in its evolvement.  It is locked into the confines of a capsule, which expands as total human evolvement expands and therefore total knowledge expands.

It follows that human awareness of itself and the universe comprises every one of these analogies or models added together.  It cannot know what it cannot know, and what it does know defines what the human condition is at this moment in time.

Incredibly, what my deceased wife Val explained to me month after month as I drifted in a neurological (IADC, not hypnotic) trance, departed from this general concept.  A situation existed which can intimidate me.   From early childhood Val was a gifted psychic and trance channeller.   The same with me, although I have much more modest abilities.   While entranced I was able to integrate this clairaudience and experience a situation which to my knowledge has never been achieved before.  A door to the after-death state was swung wide open.  Psychism and the neurotherapeutic modality (for which I personally developed a new delivery mechanism) came together.  It were as though Val was sitting beside me and presenting facts that have never before been discussed.   Not only was the link between the two planes more clear and concise than spirit communication alone, but also it provided an illumination in which concepts come together to form a profoundly deep and meaningful level of understanding.

No longer was I entrapped in 10 facts out of every 1000!  Even now I am not sure exactly what happens.  I do know that the people in spirit who provide details for Val to convey to me, select a small spectrum of information to push through the conduit between the two planes of existence.   I am told that the information is intricately calculated, and designed to be delivered at this precise point in history.   Some of it is inspiring and some of it grim and bleak – a warning.  I am only the postman and entitled to no credit.

Taken together it forms a message.  BEYOND is the message.  It is directed at the community.   Ignore it at your peril.