An Oversight on the Book Beyond

DES.  It is a fact that there is no such thing as a fact!  Let me explain.  With any subject we choose to look at, there might be, say, 1000 items of information in existence or even a million.  This is the case if we look at ABC simple stuff, philosophical information, mathematical information, details about the planetary organism (Gaia), or even something as abstract as the hypothetical infrastructure underpinning sub-atomic physics.  You name it.  Because people are just human beings at a primitive stage of their growth or evolvement, because we have much to learn, we do not possess the total number of facts on any subject.  Let’s say the average individual is acquainted with one fact out of every hundred; that is, 10 facts out of the total of 1000 existing on that given subject.  He puts the 10 together into an analogy or model or template or paradigm.  These 10 facts are all he knows.  A genius may possess 15 facts out of every 1000.  I may possess five.  Whatever.  So far as Mr Average is concerned, with his 10 facts he thinks he knows everything there is to know.  That is his reality.  Within its limited horizons he relates to the world around him, and he relates to himself.

Collectively, this is what the human race is at this point in its evolvement.  It is locked into the confines of a capsule, which expands as total human evolvement expands and therefore total knowledge expands.

It follows that human awareness of itself and the universe comprises every one of these analogies or models added together.  It cannot know what it cannot know, and what it does know defines what the human condition is at this moment in time.

Incredibly, what my deceased wife Val explained to me month after month as I drifted in a neurological (IADC, not hypnotic) trance, departed from this general concept.  A situation existed which can intimidate me.   From early childhood Val was a gifted psychic and trance channeller.   The same with me, although I have much more modest abilities.   While entranced I was able to integrate this clairaudience and experience a situation which to my knowledge has never been achieved before.  A door to the after-death state was swung wide open.  Psychism and the neurotherapeutic modality (for which I personally developed a new delivery mechanism) came together.  It were as though Val was sitting beside me and presenting facts that have never before been discussed.   Not only was the link between the two planes more clear and concise than spirit communication alone, but also it provided an illumination in which concepts come together to form a profoundly deep and meaningful level of understanding.

No longer was I entrapped in 10 facts out of every 1000!  Even now I am not sure exactly what happens.  I do know that the people in spirit who provide details for Val to convey to me, select a small spectrum of information to push through the conduit between the two planes of existence.   I am told that the information is intricately calculated, and designed to be delivered at this precise point in history.   Some of it is inspiring and some of it grim and bleak – a warning.  I am only the postman and entitled to no credit.

Taken together it forms a message.  BEYOND is the message.  It is directed at the community.   Ignore it at your peril.