Why Are So Many Horrible Things Happening In The World?

Several people have contacted me, pointing to “the horrible things” that have been sweeping the planet:  “Despite what you explained, I can see nothing logical or positive about 70,000 people dying in the Syrian conflict, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, the Boston marathon bombing, and many other cruel events carried out by individuals that seem to be getting more commonplace.  Why, why, why at a time when we were promised an era of change in the world?”


DES:  Look in the mirror.  You are making it happen – as we all are.  Many people in many countries acknowledge that an “energy” has come upon the planet and will increase as the years go by.  That force, as part of a delicate balance ordered up by Mother Nature or natural law (by whatever name), facilitates and enables every individual and group of individuals.  We hold POWER in our hands that was not there before.  We can CREATE what was impossible in the past.  We can STEER human destiny in a way that has always been beyond our reach.  Our planet is now OUR responsibility for the first time.  We have grown up!


So … what are we doing about it?  Because the physical plane has always been comprised of both negative and positive energy, and because free will always has the final say (individually and therefore collectively), the entire spectrum of our behaviour is being empowered by the changing energy.  The expression of positive, loving, giving, empathic behaviour is progressively being boosted.  The same principle feeds negative behaviour so that egotism, materialism, elitism, self indulgence, hatred, jealousy and discrimination increasingly bolster one ideology or another.  In some cases primitive appetites are being kindled and fuelled.