A Bridge Too Far For Mediums?

GLEN:  I have asked mediums over the years why spirit will not or cannot provide the most meaningful guidance, the ultimately profound and constructive answers, to enable us to overcome the misery and deprivation and violence and “madness” that seem to be gaining momentum in the world.  Those insights must be out there, they must exist.


DES:  I take it the information you were given has not met your needs.  I guess you are saying, “Why the evasions?  Why the generalisations?  Why the sweet talk?  There must be an answer to every question.  Why not provide it?”


Why indeed!  The recent advent of scientifically researched neurotherapeutic mediumship (IADC), which can be merged with traditional mediumship, opens portals for the first time in human history.  Intricate detail is there to be examined.  Questions and answers can be bounced  backwards and forewards from one plane of existence to another, as would take place in after-dinner conversation at home.  Very few subjects, in my experience, are off the agenda.  BEYOND explores this phenomenon.


But to answer your question:  (a)  Individual, and therefore collective, free will is the final arbiter, the “ring to rule all rings”.  We create ourself at every level according to what we do with our free will.  We even create the “misery and deprivation and violence and ‘madness’,” which swirl around us.  Tell me, Glen, why do you contribute to a process which condemns countless thousands of innocent people in Third World countries to malnutrition and disease and death, because you consume their share of the planet’s resources?  Your free will leads you to do this.  (No excuses, Glen!)


(b)  This sad situation exists because we are all like growing children, we have not reached a level of maturity where we can act in any other way.  One would not punish a five-year-old for failing to act like a 10-year-old or a 15-year-old.  Growth is a slow process of unfoldment.  We live in the environment we build around us, and in this way we create ourselves as we unfold.  The only way to escape our toxic environment is to change it, and this means changing ourself.  It is called evolvement.


No medium can tell a five-year-old how to suddenly become a 10-year-old.  Only we can attend to this business of growing up.  


(c)  Finally, any guidance moved from spirit to physical depends on the exercise of natural law or “Mother Nature”.  Energy is required, simply because energy is the driving force behind all natural law.  However, it is available only if there is a valid and balanced need for a particular item of information, or a particular manifestation, to be transferred from one plane of existence to the other.  This process is perfect, for the same reason a tree does not grow upside down with the leaves under the ground and its roots in the air.


So … one would hardly expect profound insights to be offered to a self-centred five-year-old who could never begin to understand them – let along use them.