What Is The Most Useful Information As A Medium In Beyond?

QUESTION:  As a channel, what is the most useful piece of information Spirit has ever directed to you?

RESPONSE FROM DES:  There might be two different answers here.

One – Is ANY information useful if people are too self-preoccupied to be guided or even listen?

Two – Okay, let’s say at least SOMEONE is interested in being guided.  Consider.  There are almost eight billion human beings on the physical plane at this time.  Each is uniquely different from everybody else;   different from any person who has ever lived in the history of the human race, or ever will.  Each of us is a Universe comprising his or her own principles, preferences, genetic makeup, personality, belief structure, interpretations, level of understanding and cultural programming.

Therefore why, why, why should we insist that other people think as we think and believe what we believe and act as we act?  We even demand that people from distant corners of the world share our personal God or interpretation of God.  Is it any wonder why almost every war in history has been a religious war?  If only every individual were able to acknowledge that we are all different.  It is okay to be different.  We can celebrate this difference.  There is no need to be threatened by a difference among people or families or villages or cultures or countries.  If only…

If only we could comfortably allow ourselves to be different from one another, there would be no more conflict or wars.  Humanity would be a different creature.


PS:  Don’t forget that there are almost eight billion different answers to that question, because every person in physical has his or her own unique answer.  WHICH IS ENTIRELY OKAY.