What Is Christianity According To Beyond?

Question:  In your channelled book, the “authors” in the spirit realms apparently defended the ailing religion that is called “Christianity”.  They challenged your own contention that Christianity is like a dying tree – some parts remain greener than others – and claimed the religion is more like a forest.  That is, because modern-day attitudes change so rapidly, some trees die while others grow to take their place.  Christianity is supposedly an evolving, living organism somewhat like the human race itself, creating itself as it goes.  As people evolve so their religion evolves, because they create it as a guiding influence.

But tell me, “wise” Desmond… Why do conservative and most mainstream Christians disagree, viewing the religion as an historical fact.  History is history.  Most theologians acknowledge Christianity in its historical context.  The Catholic Church is one example, with its one billion adherents.

A vast number of non-Christians (many billions of them – sceptics, atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, etc) reportedly see Christianity as a wry pipe dream, not a so-called “sentient thing”, almost a being or creature.  Pretty much everyone in the world disagrees with your authors. 

If they have got it wrong, what else have they got wrong?

Des:  Indeed, if they have it wrong.  Much of the information I have imported from Spirit over a lifetime does not appear in The Littlest Crusade.  The following perspective has been discussed in intricate detail many times:  “The physical world is an environment containing negative energy as well as positive.  In wrestling with the inevitable conflicts, we create ourself – but uniquely;  thought by thought, emotion by emotion, action by action – second by second for a lifetime.  Because we are human beings at the dawn of evolutionary unfoldment, we can understand only a tiny fraction of the total universe we occupy.  Indeed, we will never understand it all.   Due to the physical experience, every person lives within and relates to a different universe, because he or she brings to bear different perspectives and preferences.  He of she is a different universe!  How and why?  Because we all relate to and understand a uniquely separate aspect of “reality”, and because we become less and less alike one another, we progressively create and move into our own analogy or universe or belief structure or perspective…

“Within that place, we continue to individualize, we continue to create mental-emotional landscapes.  One of these is called Christianity.  It can also be seen that there are as many viewpoints about Christianity as there are people who call themselves ‘Christian’ – as there are trees in the forest, dying and being replaced but always part of a changing environment.”