Am I Unique – Beyond The Book

JON: I read your book and enjoyed it. A question. What information was given to you that has NOT been made available by other writers, in one form or another, time after time over the decades? The same old, tired, recycled concepts appear in book form every year apparently coming from spiritual sources. Same thing, different words, different channel.

DES: I have encountered almost none of the details before. Virtually none that I can think of. Two examples: ONE – At this point in our evolvement or unfoldment, we can relate to only (let us say) one thousand facts out of every million existing on any particular subject. So we put together at the subconscious level only what we can understand; namely a thousand facts out of every million. We all do the same. In this way we individually come as close as possible to comprehending ourself and the human condition and the universe.

But… because we are all unique, with quite different emotional needs, every person in the world embraces a slightly DIFFERENT configuration of facts, and therefore a DIFFERENT belief structure, and a DIFFERENT perspective on himself and his environment. This is so with every single aspect of life. We all occupy a different world.

As a result every person becomes less and less like every other, so that the process of uniqueness gains momentum – with every single second and emotion and thought and activity. Individualisation, in other words.

The natural law of individualisation is an aspect of human evolvement that is equally as important as spiritual evolvement (in which we progressively grow to become a more loving, complete, mature, pure, compassionate unfolded unit of consciousness).

This viewpoint has not been seen before. There is a time for everything. The time is now.

TWO – There is no complete male and no complete female. We are all “positioned” on a continuum. As such we all possess a unique mix of male and female energy. Every human being is a “one-off”. Interestingly, though, the species is exponentially becoming more sensitive, incorporating more nurturing female energy and less of the sometimes brutish “might is right” male energy. We are moving along the continuum. This will continue.

Again, I believe this interpretation has not been offered to us before. There are many, many premises in BEYOND, that can make the same claim. One includes a succinct explanation from Spirit of the end result of these principles: What will become of us! What is our individual and collective destiny!