Fascinated by The Truth In Beyond – The Book

My name is actually not “John”, but that will do.  A group of us in a writing course discussed the fact your book contains perspectives and carefully delineated details which apparently have never before appeared in the field of esoteric literature.  Many books have been written and many theories discussed, but nothing similar to yours.  Question.  Why should yours be true which makes many other authoritative studies untrue?


Des:  Okay.  My background is like a coin with two sides.  One side comprises an (electronics) engineer, and the other a neurotherapist.  Theology and philosophy are way over my head.  As mentioned in the book, I am the postman delivering mail that has little to do with me personally.  My role involves “channeling” information from people who have died, very much like taking dictation.


Why is “my” information different?  It was obtained in a different way.  Throughout many generations communication between physical and spirit was achieved by psychics or mediums.  I am one of them, and have been since early childhood.  In addition, however, I encountered a neurotherapeutic trance modality, recently developed by research psychologists in the US, as part of my clinical practice.  Alternative to mediumship, trance neurotherapy (IADC) can be used to bridge the gap between physical and spirit.


The two techniques had never been combined until, in consultation with Dr Botkin, the research scientist who produced IADC, I developed protocols and a delivery mechanism enabling IADC to be used by a person on him- or herself.  My lifelong mediumship plus neurotherapy made possible what neither technique alone could achieve.  The Littlest Crusade resulted, published in the US in 2012.


But why was completely different information, a different model or paradigm, abruptly and unexpectedly thrust into consciousness as a result?  Did it not come from the same source, namely spirit personalities who provided answers to questions?  Those people themselves provided the answer:


“Many books containing philosophical information channeled from spirit (eg. Neale Donald Walsch, Jane Roberts, Ruth Montgomery, Dr Ian Gordon) comprise broad and sometimes undeveloped models which rely in varying degree on theories and concepts more or less known to people with an interest in the subject.  A particular explanation is picked up by the mind of the medium, and put into writing.  However – with additional detail received, in this case from the neurotherapeutic modality, not only is the account from spirit fleshed out, but also a quite different and much more comprehensive description is available.  The list of books in question contains accounts that examine a particular reality.  With the availability of more detail, a totally different reality moves into focus and becomes available to explore, because more adequate analogies are present to unfold the descriptions.”


My dialogue with the Communicators had previously discussed the fact that nothing (but nothing) significant can be understood about the human condition unless one resorts to simplistic analogies;  furthermore analogies that invariably are lumped together into models, and models fused into infrastructures.  This process is made inescapable because only a tiny percentage of the total facts, relating to any particular subject, is knowable to human intellect.  That is all we are.  In putting it together into a package we create an understanding of what the world is, our place in it, and ourselves.  We are that package.  We are an analogy.


BEYOND discusses a completely different package than has been encountered in the past, because it draws on a very much larger data base.