Questions From A Critic Of Beyond

QUESTION:  Apparently you “channel” information from the “spirit realms” for the benefit of people in physical.  You also believe we are here on the physical plane, in part, to answer the questions of life for ourself as an inescapable learning process.  That’s what the physical is all about.  Yes?  Therefore what possible use can spirit mediums or psychics be, who take it on themselves to allegedly convey messages from deceased individuals for the guidance of people who enquire?  Has God got Himself in a little bit of a muddle?  This is a question I have never had answered to my satisfaction.

DES:  Then read on, but try to have an open mind.  God, or Mother Nature, or the universe, or the human condition… is perfect.  No tree has ever grown upside down, with the roots in the air and the leaves underground.

Consider:  As I have just “discussed” through my channel, all people in the physical world are here to create themselves second by second throughout a lifetime.  That is, individually they are what they create.  Nobody can create me except me – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically… We are all given that mandate.  If you want more detail, please read my book (BEYOND).

So where do mediums and psychics fit in?  As part of this creative infrastructure, we all contribute and we all receive;  we all interact.  There are as many ways of doing so as there are individuals within the population, and in the process we all become unique;  unique in every possible way.

John may obtain a “reading” from Mediumistic Mary who can contact deceased individuals and pass on their advice.  Both are being guided by a principle which is an inherent part of the human condition.  John reaches out to Mary and Mary responds.  In that way both people are contributing to the process in which they are creating themselves.

Because there are as many realities as there are individuals on Mother Earth, both the details contained in Mary’s readings, and the details contained in Des’ channelled information are true – even when they appear to contravene.  Each reality contributes to a cycle which builds uniquely.  This is one process through which every human being creates and hones themselves as a unique organism.

Therefore Mother Nature’s mandate gains expression.

(1)  It makes no sense to say that one religion or belief is right and all others are wrong.  (2)  One belief might make more sense to me, and another more sense to you.  (3)  We all create ourself with what we think and feel and do, whatever it is.  It moulds the real “us” inside.  (4)  We are all supposed to be different from one another.  (5)  Therefore it’s okay to believe in different things.  In fact it’s inevitable.