What Is The Physical World According to The Book Beyond?

Margaret Mills:  A philosophical question I have encountered over the years goes like this.  In a world that is ordered up by the intricate perfection of nature why are we never given unambiguous, absolute and unarguable proof of life after death?  This level of evidence could change the nature of the human condition, make every person free and safe and “immortal”, and even make the fighting cages of religion unnecessary.  Common sense suggests that if some measure of proof is offered by mediums and others, then total proof must be available.  Why is it withheld?  Skeptics come up with their own answer:  Forget the mediums.  It is all just a trick of the mind or wishful thinking.


Des:  I am told that the value of the physical world is that it encapsulates each of us, entraps us in a cell of aloneness in which we are never safe, never comfortable, never in control, never complete, and never in possession of the facts making our circumstances understandable.  In this fraught and toxic place we must struggle to survive.  We must also search ourself in order to find answers to the many dilemmas we face – for in doing so we define and create our own uniqueness (a dimension of growth as important as spiritual evolvement).  We contribute to this process second by second, emotion by emotion, thought by thought, action by action.  We put our own interpretation on every event and every moment.  Unanswered questions are part of this.  Compared with life in spirit, growth is almost instantaneous.  At the end of our physical life we are what we create.  The aloneness ensures every human being is different from every other.


None of this can be done after our death, in the gentle estates of spirit where mind flows into mind and where support and love replace the sometimes brutal conflicts of physical.  These are the two sides to the human coin.  Each is infinitely precious, individually as well as collectively, in the unfoldment of the species.  Very much more detail is to be found in the pages of BEYOND.  (Incidentally, religion is simply another way in which emotional programming, personal interpretation and free will feed individualization.)