The Unanswerable Question Of Beyond

My pen-name is ISOBEL:   Both my brother and I have encountered Mother (incredibly happy) several times after she died, and I find it difficult to doubt that life continues in the after-death state.  However questions remain.  Scientists more often than not ridicule the suggestion that such a thing is even possible.  Most of my family and friends are embarrassed to even discuss the matter.

But a personal question:  You have said that everyone in that “place” is happy, because the absence of negative energy  (vibrations) in the emotional environment does not enable its expression or even its existence at the individual level.  That is, negativity does not exist, any more than a colour we have never seen could exist in the physical world.  We could not process it and make sense of it.   It would be alien.  However, Des, you are claiming that in the after-death state every human being cozies up and agrees with every other.  Surely historical and cultural and political differences over many generations make that unlikely.

In my life no medium has ever been able to answer that question to my satisfaction.  [Isobel does not come from a principally English-speaking country, so with permission I have partly rephrased her questions.]

DES:    Then you have come to the right door, Isobel.  In that place (which more correctly is a different frequency of vibration occupying the same space) people congregate in large emotional groups.  A natural affinity makes this inevitable.  In other words, love in all its various guises, transforms every human being who dies.  Only in the physical world do we encounter the savagery, self-indulgence, elitism and indifference to suffering that the presence of negative energy likewise makes inevitable.  Only those we have “loved” (family, friends, children, people who have helped or supported or guided us, even our pets) will register on our senses.  Nobody else can even be discerned.

Boring?   On the contrary.  It is fiercely creative.  We re-examine our entire physical life (or at least its most significant currents) together with others in our emotional group.  As we do so we explore ourself;   the various dimensions that make up each individual human being.

In this way every emotionally intimate coming together of people around the world is again experienced by them.  Exclusive relationships are deepened and further lessons taken from them.  Groups within groups within groups therefore exist, ceasing to register with one another as emotional distance increases.

Every individual becomes accountable, responsible to himself or herself.  Every personality is a self-creative organism.

What about the loner, or the unfeeling killer, or the person who has been taught self-hatred?   These people have no option but to love and respect themself.  No other emotion exists.  (If you love yourself, you express that emotion into your surroundings and love others;   a tendency that can be discerned even on the physical plane.)

But a final word.  Immediately after shedding your physical envelope (a bit like removing your shoes at the door), you gravitate away from negativity only slowly, and so merge with Spirit in stages that are uniquely appropriate to you.  A personality in this phase of transition is considered to be neither in physical nor Spirit.

How do I know all this?  I have only to ask, and an answer is provided in whatever detail I require.  That’s what my particular type of mediumship or psychism is of course.  Occasionally I disagree with the response, or even fail to understand – but that is accepted as inevitable.