Self-EMDR – Is It Safe?

Self EMDR The Breakthrough New TherapyIs it safe?

Just how safe?

Although EMDR (sometimes called “processing”) has captured, in fact revolutionized, psychological practice in over 90 countries during a mere 15 years, its birth can be traced back to the dawn of modern civilization.  Indigenous American Indians stamping their feet as they dance around a campfire are entrancing themselves, inspiring themselves, with the same process.

Grandma gently moving backwards and forwards in her rocking chair is in a similar neurological trance.  As with little Mary on the swing in her backyard, and her baby brother who is being rocked to and fro in Mother’s arms or in the cradle.

But therapeutic self-EMDR, is that just as safe?  Yes.  As safe as Grandma and Mary.  In all cases their brain is gently being pulsed by the physical movements.  The resulting trance makes them delightfully relaxed and comfortable – and profoundly receptive.  In my practice I regularly work with fretful and uncomfortable babies (showing Mother how) and with children and teenagers.

Question:  How long will it take me to remove a terrifying experience that has given me nightmares and panic attacks for years or even decades?

Answer:  Often one hour for a single trauma.  Sometimes two or three hours.

If years of severe trauma have accumulated and reinforced, it will take much longer.  In this case a person will practise Self-EMDR (completely unsupervised and independently) on a regular basis for as long as necessary. Self-EMDR-hope-despair

What is the success rate?  In my specialist clinical practice, it is 100 percent for months at a time in the case of a single trauma.  With Self-EMDR, by a person lacking any experience, it is probably 80 – 90 percent depending on motivation.

It is your life.  Self-EMDR is free.  It represents a window of opportunity which has only recently swung open onto the world.

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