Communicating With Spirit – Beyond After Life

Question:  Conversations with students, group participants and clients over many years throw up questions which a large number of people probably mull over.  For instance, “different mediums and spiritual writers and so-called experts in the field come up with vastly differing accounts of what happens when we die.  It can’t all be true.  Perhaps it is all untrue.  At the very least, credibility is damaged.”


Des:  There are various reasons.  I have numbered three of them below.  Add these three together and you will possess a small number of brush strokes out of the infinite number making up the total “oil painting”.  (1)  Every person is actually a unique “universe”, which expands with every emotion he or she experiences, and every thought, and every activity, and every flight of fancy.  This is the case in physical and also in the after-death state.  You can make sense of only what you can relate to and what meets your needs, so you will invariably put your own interpretation on every explanation and event of a lifetime.  In the process you are fleshing out that creation which is your unique universe – second by second by second.  As it grows it becomes less and less like every other.  It is therefore hardly surprising that descriptions from the after-death state give different accounts, because each comes from a different subjective universe.  Bear in mind as well that life in that dimension takes place within a mental-emotional (subjective) environment, comprising spontaneity and the free flow of individual uniqueness.


(2)  I have personally seen a subject under discussion being shaped and tailored by the spirit teacher providing it, so it meets the level of understanding of a particular audience.  Later, the same description, by the same spirit personality, but to a more informed audience, led to more detail and sophistication being presented but also incorporating a different perspective.  One is not true while the other is untrue.


(3)  Again, in my experience with these teachers, an infrastructure of analogies was explained to me.  I was told that every subject discussed might contain perhaps 10,000 individual items of information existing as part of the natural order.  Of these the average human mind might be able to process 100 (let us say), such is the limitation of our ability to understand.  The 100 items come together in our mind into a model or paradigm or template, and represent everything we know about ourselves and the world. That’s what a human being is, on both the spiritual and physical planes.  We can’t be what we are not!  Therefore, below the level of conscious awareness,  I am able to relate to and receive only a tiny percentage of the total facts.  Because my mind is uniquely different from that of every other individual, it follows that a slightly different configuration of 100 facts would be received by me, from spirit, than would be received by any other person.


Putting together all the foregoing, it can be seen that communication from spirit to physical, as dictated by Mother Nature or consciousness or “God” or the natural order, has the effect of maintaining a very substantial and carefully calibrated divide between the two spheres.  There are reasons for this, which are discussed in BEYOND.