The Message Behind the Message of Beyond – The Book

DES.  Several members of the scientific community, from both the US and the UK, have asked me to  analyse the “message behind the message”, as it appears in BEYOND.  Although the message is not mine, the following is my understanding.


The spirit personalities who originated the “pointed advice” had a carefully crafted agenda that is both compelling and chilling.  They either created or used the opportunity to broadcast a stark warning, an ultimatum.  BEYOND sets the stage and then presents the ultimatum.  It has never been delivered before.  The time has arrived.  What do they offer us in return?  “We are pointing to a path where no longer is there a need for war;  an excuse for deprivation, starvation and its diseases;  an opportunity for discrimination;  the risk of hatred;  and the danger of self-loathing and its cycles of guilt and self-defeating behaviour.”  Free at last!  Almost abruptly we have the key.