What If I Struggle To Understand The Concept Of Afterlife?

TERESA: The more explanations you provide on your blog, the more deep and complicated the whole subject becomes. Not only about life after death, but also about the human race and its purpose, and the reason for life itself, and… I could go on. But you suggest the blog is intended to simplify explanations from the book. Am I the only one who struggles to understand?

DES: You are not the only one, Teresa. BEYOND was channeled through my mind, and its philosophical and spiritual concepts have nothing to do with the personal me. However if I occasionally struggle to relate comfortably to one point or another, I am provided with additional explanations. The blog enables me to pass them on to readers with similar questions.

The complex field of esoteric philosophy has always included quite different books aimed at different types of readers: Those who know nothing about the subject; others who have studied it; yet others who are lifetime students; and mediums, healers, researchers, and people who work within the field.

Perhaps too ambitiously BEYOND was channeled for that entire spectrum.

Nevertheless feedback over the years indicates that more than 90% of ordinary readers have no trouble understanding the book’s concepts and explanations – with or without help from the blog.