If I am Rejected By Everyone What Can I Do?

GARTH: Why should I be rejected by all my family members? People look for reasons to dislike me. Why have so many of my “friends” become ill or died, some quite young?

DES: You have attracted to yourself what you MOST need in this lifetime. Once you have adapted/grown to the extent you no longer need those particular learning experiences (once they no longer stress you) you will find rejection happens very much less often. Mother Nature is perfect. Things happen for a reason.

The physical world is the only place where negative energy is present, such as conflict/fear/anger/cruelty/greed. In this place we are forced to go through life deciding whether to do the “right” thing or the “wrong” thing, and in the process we uniquely create ourself. That is, our own free will creates us, moment by moment. Reincarnation gives us one physical life after another. We create a different aspect of ourself every time, and so learn to be better and wiser human beings.

It’s a bit like children at school. A five-year-old cannot suddenly be a fifteen-year-old. Life experiences year after year give wisdom and maturity and sophistication. A fifteen-year-old will express more potential and responsibility. One or two may even progress as far as a Nobel Peace Prize.